The best night clubs and Nightlife in Cairo

Nightlife in Cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city on the Nile River. While in Cairo, you will find numerous restaurants, bars, clubs, and coffee shops to keep you busy. Cairo is full of restaurants that serve all kinds of cuisine.

Whether you feel like Italian, French, Indian, or local Egyptian flavors, you will find them all and more in Cairo. Deals Pub is an example of the unique dining options found in the city. Located on Zamalek Island, it is a favorite among locals and tourists.

Although they mostly serve drinks, they also have an extensive menu. Arrive before 9 p.m., since the pub can be quite busy later in the evening. Another popular gathering place is sangria. Here, you can rest on an outdoor terrace and enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage or smoke sheesha, molasses-flavored tobacco that is enjoyed throughout the city.

Cafes are also easy to find in Cairo. Most locals prefer tea to coffee, but you can find both in the center. Ask and find a place to relax and enjoy the sites and sounds of the city. As always if you’re in an unknown city, eat what the locals eat. Try homemade pita bread, dried fruits, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Late at night, have a snack at one of the many street vendors in the area.

Street food can be scary for less adventurous travelers, but you have nothing to worry about. The diet of millions of people depends on the fast-casual meals served on the streets of Cairo.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Cairo

Nightlife in Cairo


Nightlife in Cairo


1. Pier 88: Pier 88 is the only place that adorns our best bars and the list of the best restaurants. Pier 88 is a great gastronomic destination during the day, and one night it becomes a sexier lounge/bar feeling, with music in English and Arabic, people standing and socializing in the bar or at their table, and the owner occasionally dancing in the bar. Bar himself. Pier 88 overlooks the Nile in Zamalek and has a small outdoor area if you want to sunbathe from the river.

2. Pub 28: Pub 28 is one of Zamalek’s oldest and most beloved pubs, and rightly so. It is small, cozy, warm, and offers the best sangria in the city. Expect to see more than 50 Egyptians sharing a laugh for their beers, they have been regular customers for decades. They have a good menu of Egyptian and Lebanese mezze, but warning: sometimes it gets * very * smoked, which is not always pleasant while eating.

3. Sass: If you feel cute and don’t want to waste it on the four walls of your room, Sass is a good place to go. It is an open-air restaurant/lounge/bar in Zamalek on a boat docked overlooking the Nile, and a great place to see and be seen if that is your traffic jam. At night, the music rumbles and goes from being a restaurant bar to a more lounge bar, with people drinking their drinks and dancing next to their tables.

4. The Tap: This cheerful pub opened its first branch in Maadi, with table football tables and a jovial atmosphere. They play live music some nights, so it’s always worth visiting their Facebook page and seeing what’s cooking. Speaking of cooking, they also have an extensive pub food menu: they are famous for their wings, so there is no need to enjoy a heavy dinner before heading there. The Tap in Maadi turned out to be so popular that they opened a branch in New Cairo and on October 6, this time complete with an outdoor area.

5. L’Aubergine: L’ Berenjena is another great hitter in the Cairo bar scene. The amazing thing about them is that they also serve good food, so it is a good option if you want to relax with a beer but also want some food in your system. Another thing we love about L’Aubergine is its informality: you don’t need to worry about suffering all night with heels or dressing to impress.

6. Cairo Jazz Club and CJC 610: Cairo Jazz Club has been a staple of Cairo nightlife for more than 15 years. While the name may lead you to believe that it is jazz, that is not exactly true. CJC has different music every night, from live music to hip-hop, DJ, jazz, Egyptian folk music, and much more.

The best thing about CJC is that they have a monthly schedule, so you can find out in advance if the music of that night is in your alley or not. The music usually starts around 10-10: 30 pm, so if you’re hungry or want to have a conversation with someone when you can really hear yourself, go a little earlier.

CJC 610 is the October 6 branch of Cairo Jazz Club, with a beautiful outdoor terrace. The Agouza branch is a five-minute drive from Zamalek.

7. Shahrazad: the most traditional Egyptian belly dance entertainment, head to the hipster part of downtown Cairo, near Talaat Harb Street. Outside, but go up the stairs to the first floor, where you can sit back, relax and order a Sakkara, the ubiquitous local beer, which comes with a bowl of beans to eat. Don’t feel too comfortable because artists often invite audience members to join. Shahrazad is open seven days a week until dawn, so it is possible that your morning plans will be postponed after a visit here.

8. Cairo Cellar: Having been in nightlife since Egypt was dusting the monarchy, Cairo Cellar is a real reminder of the past in the basement of The President Hotel, on the island of Zamalek. This retro-chic English-style pub with a giant wine cellar full of liquor and wine, and is the place to taste the winery’s own gin.

9. Crimson Cairo: hidden in a secondary street on Zamalek Island, Crimson Cairo has an unbeatable view of the Nile from its rooftop terrace. Drink a glass of red from the local winery Omar Khayyam at one of its tables overlooking the banks of the river, which have a panoramic view of the city lights.

10. After eight: This place is right in the middle of the city and is the perfect place to take your loved ones and spend the night dancing and having fun! Be sure to book before you go.