The Best Night Clubs in Barcelona

The Best Night Clubs in Barcelona

The Best Night Clubs in Barcelona

The Best Top Clubs in Nightlife Barcelona

Barcelona of the Mediterranean has a well-deserved reputation for having some of the best nightlife in Europe. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here, from grimy dive bars to glossy beachfront clubs (Port Olimpic beachside many popular clubs Pacha, Opium, Shoko, Catwalk, and much more)

Barcelona offers a wide variety of bars, discos, and clubs offering all kinds of music, its atmosphere is alive and is different each night, especially at weekends, when the city is much more crowded! Most of the clubs in Barcelona they have free entrance before a certain time (generally the 1.00), or surcharge, with different figures depending on the night, or if your club is hosting an international DJ or a particular event.

The nightlife Barcelona starts late: people at dinner 23.00, then it is customary to meet up with friends for wandering from one room to another “IR de Copas” (before to night club lets go some drink), Bars don’t get busy until around midnight on weekends and close around 3 a.m. Until you reach some disco, ready to dance until late morning. Clubs are close at around 06.30 am. Also available after clubs. Transportation; metro runs until midnight during the week, until 2 a.m. on Fridays, and all night on Saturdays. Taxis are generally inexpensive, so they’re also a good option.

Barcelona safe during the night?

Barcelona Nightlife Barcelona is a safe city  but it is home to a lot of pickpockets. Drunken tourists make a very easy target for them. Pay attention to your stuff when you’re out at night. just be careful!

Barcelona city neighborhoods of nightlife Barcelona

Barcelona Nightlife , Barcelona Neighborhood

Las Ramblas:  Has several amazing terrace locations for grabbing a midnight drink and basking in the ambiance of the neighborhood. You will find a number of amazing nightclubs as well as quiet, cozy, or loud and crowded bars in this neighborhood.

Gothic Quarter: Generally speaking Las Ramblas (above) is merely a crossing point to greener nightlife pastures, and for the more authentic local venues you’ll have to negotiate the labyrinthine alleys. Here you’ll find scores of sassy little spots hidden away in dark corners, such as the stylish Milk Bar, which has a great cocktail menu, and Sugar; plus of course a handsome selection of Irish and British pubs, like the friendly and flirty Flaherty’s, where you can mingle with some fellow tourists.

El Born: Sophisticated slice of Barcelona’s nightlife, the equally pretty, but slightly less touristy, also very central and here you’ll find all manner of trendily night owls crowding into cafes and bars exudes a different kind of vibe and energy which you won’t feel in any other neighborhood in Barcelona. This neighborhood seamlessly weaves in parts of the old as well as the new city of Barcelona. You can find your pick of some of the top Michelin star establishments, funky fusions restaurants, as well as famous bars and nightclubs of Barcelona in this neighborhood. El Raval: This is a neighborhood which never seems to die down; always buzzing with sounds, lights, and the energy of young, enthusiastic locals and tourists alike, strolling down and exploring the nightlife of the city in all its glory!  is the other side of Las Ramblas, where street kids play cricket or football and generally run riot as Bohemian imbibers stroke their side-whiskers and order another chupito or two.  The heart of the district is the Rambla de Raval where hip bars are interspersed with kebab joints, whilst a more glam crowd congregate at nearby cocktail bars like the suave Marmalade, where you can order house specials and do some pre-club flirting. The street of Joaquim Costa is full of hip venues, and a great place to go bar-hopping.boasts of some of the most exciting spots for enjoying the nightlife in Barcelona. Barceloneta (Port Olimpic Beach): Port Olimpic side fabulous view beachside there is famous brands club there such as Opium, Shoko, Pacha, Catwalk CDLC. This place to be in summer! Most attract a well-heeled cosmopolitan crowd to sip cocktails on their beach terraces before everyone moves indoors to get down and dirty on the dancefloor. Some small pubs and small clubs close at 3.00 am But big clubs; Opium, Pacha, Catwalk, CDLC keep going until 6 am. One of these Opium has the strongest claim to be the best club in the city and is reliably packed to the rafters.

What are the best clubs in Nightlife Barcelona?


  1. Opium BarcelonaOpium is one of the top picks by every tourist and ex-pat in Barcelona. It’s a place to see and be seen. Located in an ideal location on the seafront of Barcelona (right at the core of Barceloneta Beach), next to the Mediterranean sea, Opium looms large with its very Ibiza-Esque white colors and neon glow.
  2. Shoko Barcelona: Shoko, which sits in a prime spot along the seafront, is one of Barcelona’s well-known clubs and restaurants. It has been open for over five years and has already made quite an impression on the Barcelona night scene.
  3. Pacha BarcelonaPacha Barcelona is a must-visit nightlife temple located in the unique leisure area of Barceloneta, at the heart of Barcelona. The club has been designed by Pepe López del Hoyo, who has been responsible for several other clubs and venues in Barcelona, and is characterized by its white tones, contrasting with the corporative red as well as by its organic and rounded forms, in the purest Ibiza style.
  4. Sutton ClubBarcelona’s posh night destination par excellence. Gorgeous girls and trendy, well-dressed guys; the dress code is respected to the letter. In such a moment in which minimalist trends are imposed almost by force, Sutton goes against the grain in terms of design. The whole club is like a homage to beauty in the wider sense of the word. From the comfortable privées, one can dominate the room without having to mix with those who are not so privileged.
  5. CDLC (Club Carpe Diem)CDLC Barcelona. Beachfront club with a unique international atmosphere, good hip hop, EDM, and RnB music. Carpe Diem Barcelona is a synonym with sophistication and exclusiveness in a beautiful beachfront venue. Join tonight’s VIP guestlist for free access. Scroll down to find your free Carpe Diem Barcelona VIP guest list.  Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC) is a luxurious restaurant and lounge club located on the famous Barceloneta Beach. It presents a serene and dream-like atmosphere. As you walk in, a Buddha statue welcomes you.
  6. Catwalk BarcelonaCatwalk Barcelona. Club with two rooms and a terrace with different musical styles: Hip Hop, Reggaeton, House Comercial, and R&B. Catwalk Barcelona, located in front of the Barceloneta beach, is a famous club located next to the Hotel Arts. Is one of the most prestigious areas of the city of Barcelona: Puerto Olímpico, is always a must-see for tourists visiting Barcelona, as well as for locals who want to enjoy the best nightlife. Catwalk Barcelona is an original and exclusive club so being one of the most visited in the area.
  7. Sala Razzmatazz Without any doubt, Razzmatazz is one of the most popular clubs in the city. Located in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona, in a unique building associated with the city’s industrial landscape. Razzmatazz has 5 different club rooms, all with their own bars, housed in one vast warehouse-style building.  Each room is so distinct, you’ll feel like you could be in your own club all night. If you choose to venture out of one room, you could find yourself lost in a maze of confusing corridors and hot, heavy dancefloors.
  8. Club Bestial BarcelonaBestial Barcelona. The ideal place to have a few drinks before your night out with views of the beach. Bestial is a beachside club with a huge terrace located at the beachside. Bestial offers exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, perfectly integrated with the modern decoration of cosmopolitan character with clear Italian influences.
  9. Bikini BarcelonaNightClub Bikini Barcelona, club to dance Salsa & Latin music. Sala Bikini is one of the oldest clubs in Barcelona which is throwing events since 1953. Located in the upper area, it has made history in Barcelona’s nightlife, and it’s one of the most prestigious clubs in the city. Bikini has 3 areas with different music and ambiance: BKN room play Disco and Funky music. Sala Dry plays lounge and chill-out music and Arutanga with Latin music. Sala Bikini is the perfect hotspot to dance Salsa and Latin music.
  10. Eclipse Club  W HotelEclipse Skybar – Hotel W. Glamorous party with the best views of the Mediterranean Sea open every day of the week. W Hotel is one of the hottest and most exclusive places in the city. Housing the infamous Eclipse rooftop bar on the 26th floor over the Mediterranean Sea, The W hotel has served to be one of the most breathtaking venues since it has opened. With its enormous panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Barceloneta Beach, it´s guaranteed a truly wonderful stay.
  11. Otto Zuts ClubOtto Zutz Barcelona. Three rooms with three different music styles: Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and Top Hits. Otto Zutz Barcelona is a very modern and original nightclub located in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood in Gracia. It’s a bold, modern club that breaks the standards of the rest of the Barcelona nightclubs, creating a venue that transcends the minds of the crowd. 
  12. Jamboree BarcelonaJamboree Barcelona. Jazz, blues, indie, and pop-rock club located in the Plaza Real of Barcelona. Jamboree Barcelona is a synonym of the best jazz, blues, and hip hop in town. Join tonight’s VIP guestlist for free access. Keep scrolling down to find your free Jamboree Barcelona guest list. Jamboree Barcelona is located in the Plaza Real of Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter near the famous street of the city, Las Ramblas. This dance club targets a diverse audience and is focused on those who love alternative music.
  13. Bling Bling BarcelonaBling Bling club is elegant. The club is found in Barcelona’s Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district and has quickly become the hot spot and certainly one of the trendiest and most exclusive clubs in town with a plethora of beautiful clientele. It has a principal dance area and hosts both a posh VIP Room and Privee Room. On any given night you can hear the greatest hits in electronic, dance, and hip-hop music to suit all taste buds. The exclusivity of Barcelona’s nightlife is clearly defined under the icon of Bling Bling and its fierce door selection stands as a clear sign for the privileged clientele: so dress to impress & enjoy a varied range of seduction to all eyes, ears, and minds!
  14. City HallCity Hall Barcelona. Best club in the center of Barcelona with good techno electronic dance music and great guest DJs. City Hall is located at the top of La Rambla Catalunya right in the center of Barcelona. The club has maintained the theatre decor of plush velvet curtains and spotlights accompanying their dazzling projected visuals and a fantastic sound system. It has a large bar at the back, low ceilings with soft lighting, and a mirrored wall that creates a friendlier and more conducive vibe for dancing and meeting new people.
  15. Sala ApoloApolo the most emblematic venue in Barcelona. The antique theater transformed into a club with rock, electronic, pop, indie, and more music genres. Sala Apolo is one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona with over 25 years of experience. In its room, you can experience various music genres starting from electronic music to pop, dance, rock, indie, electro, and post-punk.