The best night clubs and Nightlife in Valencia

Valencia Nightlife is a vibrant city, there is a city center full of nightlife. Whether you want a quiet night enjoying dinner with friends, a trip to a concert to see a new band, a night of bars for the best bars, or a night club session, you must find what you are looking for in Valencia. Welcome to the city famous for its paella, for Agua de Valencia, for the Bakalao Route and especially for the Las Fallas festival! For those who still do not know what we are talking about, we suggest you read our guide on the fun of Valencia night! In recent years, the landscape of Movida Ibérica has been enriched with a new entrance, Valencia: a young, vibrant and increasingly tourist city, contains in itself all the charm and joy of southern Spain, thanks to a mixture of culture Catalan and Andalusian, of the old and the modern.

The nightlife in Valencia begins very late. Dinner is usually held not before 22.00 at the various restaurants in the city, while nightclubs begin to liven up around 2.00. Before dinner, stop for a snack between the streets of Barrio del Carmen, to enjoy tapas accompanied by tasty Spanish wines. Try the tapas bar.  The nightlife in Valencia is a jewel for night owls, thanks to its pleasant winter temperatures, which do not fall below 10 degrees.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Valencia

1. Mya: the capacity of more than 2,500 people, mya is best described as the elegant club for locals, which offers three different music halls that vary from EDM to pachanga and hip-hop. Celebrities visit this place often, as it has important events that happen in Valencia, such as sports ceremonies and fashion events. The best selection of the local public. Right next to the famous City of Arts and Sciences, which looks magical at night, MYA is the year-round club for young local crowds, Erasmus students and international visitors. Mya has three rooms, the main hall with EDM music, the lobby with Latin and commercial vibes, and the Beats room that offers hip hop mixed with reggaeton.

2. La3 Club: local talents and international electronic legends have passed through its 3 rooms, go and try the sweat and incredible vibrations offered by this club. Since its opening 7 years ago, LA3 has always been considered the reference electronic club in the city. Always full of a young and cosmopolitan crowd, the place is perfect for those who want to run away from the main parties and try something different. Get ready to dance and leave your heels and ties at home. The 3 rooms of La3 (hence its name) have witnessed many national and international electronic, house and techno artists that any club would be jealous of: Ellen Allien, Carl Craig, Brodinski, Yuksek, Green Velvet, Vitalic, Simian Mobile Disco, TEED, Tama Sumo or The Magician, to name a few.

3. Le Premier: Le Premier attracts thousands of young Spaniards every weekend. The good atmosphere, the excellent staff employed, its researched design, and its great successes mixed by resident DJs are some of the reasons that make this place so famous among the multitude of young people living in Valencia. EDM, pachanga, hits, and electronic music.

4. Barraca: Barraca is the most famous club in the region since its opening in the 70s. Its main features include an incredible sound system, 200 meters from the beach location, and the best DJ appearances in the world. Atmosphere: when entering one of the last clubs that rise from the Bakalao Route, you can almost feel the legend floating in the air. The club is divided into 4 rooms, Circus, the largest room of all, with a capacity of approximately one thousand people and is where the guest DJs usually play, the La Barraca room, a smaller room where you can listen to electro-house music and Progressive, a Third performance hall with a more minimalist atmosphere, finally a fourth room/terrace has a capacity of 600 people and remembers the terraces of important clubs in Ibiza. The club is very close to the beach, so it is perfect for bathing thinly after a long underground night in Barraca. Today Barraca remains one of the reference clubs for electronic and techno music in Valencia and presents some of the best lineups in Spain.

5. Indiana: the disco has been completely renovated, maintaining practically the same distribution, the decoration is new and very original, every corner and wall has a surprise. The usual crowd is young and you can always find a room with an environment for your tastes. From Thursday to Saturday they serve in three rooms: House, Funky, and Latin.

6. Akuarela: palm trees, happy young people, and 100 meters from the sea. With a capacity of more than 2,500 people, Akuarela is the beach club par excellence during the summer. The club has 3 rooms with different types of music depending on the event, although normally the resident DJs serve Spanish Latin hits and reggaeton music on the main terrace. In the upper room, you can find techno music some nights and in the room below R&B and classics.

7. Nylon Club: the walls of the club emit hipster vibrations. Young people, two rooms to move, 3 bars and indietronica sounds. Nylon is an excellent option if you want to party in the city center while staying away from the main clubs. Nylon Club is divided into two rooms and styles. On the ground floor, we find pop, indie, and success rhythms and, in the other room, a second environment where tropical and indietronica rhythms are at the top.

8. Play Club: Play Club has become an unmissable night of Valencia in the city’s fashionable district. The concerts take place on Friday nights and on Saturdays the upper hall is characterized by an open concept of karaoke: feel like a rock and roll star! Two rooms. The Playroom, with electronics, R&B and pop, and the Bombay room, with all the great hits of the moment.

9. Club Agenda: the chosen name is not a coincidence: they want the club to be in their Agenda as the place that cannot be missed. Despite its reduced capacity, Agenda is very popular among local students and the Erasmus crowd, as its sound system and light show are among the best on Blasco Ibañez Avenue. Within the two rooms of Agenda Club, you can listen to Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, House, and the best electronic music in the city.

10. L’Umbracle: location and elegant style, this club is considered the best choice for both Spaniards and exchange students, but also for more than 30 party lovers. L’Umbracle inspires relaxing vibes with its Vip Zones in beautiful gardens full of candles and incredible palm trees. Get lost in Latin sounds and tropical house music.