The best night clubs and Nightlife in Toronto

Nightlife in Toronto is a growing city, a multicultural city, with a rapidly expanding population, as well as becoming a tourist center, but what comes with that is that the city has quickly begun to accumulate a multitude of subcultures and points respective hot. So no matter what kind of life you are or what your interests are, there is a place in Toronto for you. The wide variety of nightlife places can be very daunting. The Toronto nightlife scene encompasses hipster hangouts, vintage boats, crowded clubs, and historic music venues. Toronto’s neighborhoods are a hotbed of food, entertainment, and culture. From morning to evening, each district has its own charm, and when it gets dark, Toronto’s vibrant nightlife illuminates each neighborhood. These are some of the best places to explore in the city once the sun has set.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Toronto

1. Lovechild: most clients have a love or hate relationship with this atmosphere. This club is polarizing because if you are a university student, you will probably love it because it is a fraternity/house party mix but in a beautiful place on King Street West. However, if you are not a student, you are probably not one of those who are listening among a sweaty crowd. A mix of hip-hop music and pop records, you will find a great attraction in Love Child. No possibility of a boring night.

2. Lost and Found: Most of Toronto’s exclusive clubs unfortunately Lost & Found is located at number 7 on the list. The Lost and Found nightclub has a lot to offer in terms of a unique crowd and unconventional hip-hop bangers, however, the biggest barrier is the biggest complaint. If you are a group of women only, this will not be a problem for you. However, if you are in a mixed group, or a group composed exclusively of men, prepare to receive bottle service or be rejected.

3. Wildflower: one of the best hip-hop clubs in Toronto. The vibrations that emanate are those that mix between an open and relaxed club and an exclusive place of superior scale. The main disadvantage of the club is that the crowd can vary on different nights since it is very crowded and busy on some nights and more scarce on others. The music can also vary, since some Fridays the club has launched Tech House / EDM in the mix, compared to regular Hip-Hop Saturdays.

4. Toybox: Toybox is a relatively new club in King St. West, as it opened in early 2019. Previously, this location was the Union nightclub, so if you’re familiar with the design of that club, you haven’t changed a lot in that department However, once in the place, you will notice that it is a completely different environment. Toybox is an EDM of the top 40 / pop hip-hop club, the music is aimed at college and university students who want to go out at night with their favorite hip-hop songs and the 40 main hymns. The decoration of the club is black and red tones that provide a dark sensual sensation but a fun atmosphere.

5. Lavelle: Toronto’s nightlife would be insufficient. This amazing place has set the bar for what club attendees expect when it comes to an exclusive atmosphere, atmosphere, decoration, and music. Once this beautiful place opened its doors primarily as a hip-hop club lounge, we saw many other places trying to keep up with its elegant image and elegant decoration.

6. EFS (All for sale): EFS has been a major club located in the King West club community for the past 8 years. Among a multitude of other clubs that constantly open and close their doors or change to a public brand change, EFS has stood firm in its name, music, environment, and the crowd. The music is always impeccable here at the EFS nightclub, spinning Hip-Hop, Trap, and many original Hip-Hop mixes.

7. Rebel: Rebel would be a list of the best clubs in Toronto without Rebel? The Rebel nightclub is the Toronto version of a huge multi-room nightclub in Las Vegas and is by far the largest club in Toronto. This huge place has a capacity for 4,000 people, so a vast place that attracts the masses is expected. The club consists of 4 different rooms/sections. The main room reproduces Top – 40 – EDM mixes – Hip-Hop Mixes, while the purple room plays pure R&B and Hip-Hop, the Noir room located above plays EDM, Tech & Trance, and finally the Savage room plays Top Latin – Reggaeton bangers.

8. Goldie: Goldie is a mirrored staircase with purple neon lights and wondered where that led. Well, the answer is Goldie. Known for its iconic lighting and photos on Instagram, this club is more than just a photoshoot. The picturesque atmosphere of Goldie is one reason why this club is considered in our top 3. Once above the infamous staircase, the upper area of the club has a dance booth surrounded by booths, which usually addresses a mature crowd and modern Goldie offers excellent hip-hop music with its own touch, mixing some Afro and dancehall rhythms, this is almost the kind of feeling you can expect from a club in Queen St. West. In addition, downstairs there is a small bar / lounge area that generally has an artist / dancer, which creates a very unique atmosphere for a casual high-class bar atmosphere. The first floor is decorated with rich velvety purple and pink with wooden floors, and the air scented with a smell of decaying herbal tea, this club floor is unlike any other place in King West. The unique combination of both floors is the reason why this club ranks as one of the best.

9. The Drake Hotel: The Drake Hotel ha sido un elemento básico en Queen West durante años. El club tiene tres niveles, por lo que hay un ambiente y una escena para todos, a casi cualquier edad. Arriba hay una azotea y un bar, que es más relajado para conversaciones casuales. El piso principal es una pista de baile y un bar que generalmente siempre está ocupado y más centrado en la fiesta. Finalmente, el área de la planta baja está etiquetada como “The Drake Underground”, que generalmente reproduce éxitos eclécticos de hip-hop con la trampa ocasional que proporciona una sensación más ‘trinquete’, aunque algunas noches pueden ser eventos temáticos como fiestas Y2K, donde puede esperar escuchar un mezcla de hip-hop de los 90 y otros éxitos de los 90 mezclados como los chicos de Venga.

10. Llámala Juliet: Juliet es un nuevo club en King St. West, anteriormente conocido como Same Nightclub, el club se ha convertido en lo que comúnmente se conoce como “Juliet”. Call Her Juliet ha recibido un gran lavado de cara si amas la estética de neón azul, púrpura y rosa, este club está lleno de eso. Juliet toca predominantemente hip-hop / rap / trap / y afro-beats, por lo que la multitud aquí generalmente consiste solo en aquellos que se entregan a esta escena. Juliet atiende a un público más joven que busca una noche de fiesta con sus canciones favoritas de hip-hop con una mezcla de trap y afro bangers.