The best night clubs and Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv nightlife scene is recognized worldwide, gaining greater international fame every year and the city is now widely regarded as one of the best nightlife destinations in Europe. Full list of the best party cities in the world, Tel Aviv, a destination with an effervescent nightlife and dance floors with high adrenaline, is the ultimate in cool. The city that never sleeps needs a high dose of adrenaline that pumps it at all times to stay awake. Whether that adrenaline comes from excellent cocktails with sugar infusion, meals at 3 a.m. or throbbing Tel Aviv clubs that go beyond dawn and until Israeli breakfast time, it is irrelevant. The relevant thing is the abundance of options once the sunsets. That is why we have gathered the best of the best in Dizengoff, Allenby, Rothschild and more for the best nightlife guide in Tel Aviv. Are you ready for the challenge? See how many you can board in one night.

Tel Aviv’s nightlife is incredibly diverse, with bars and clubs that appeal to all possible tastes and interests. From mega-clubs that attract the best DJs from around the world to smaller neighborhood bars, hipster bars, underground bars, and beach bars, Tel Aviv’s nightlife is undoubtedly one of the city’s biggest attractions. Israelis generally do not leave the house before 10 p.m., and bars usually fill up only at midnight, and some clubs fill up only at 2 a.m.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Tel Aviv

1. Salon Berlin: it is an art to become a regular bar, but Salon Berlin makes it easier than others for an expatriate who does not speak Hebrew. Somehow, the reused class chair in which I always sit outside, smoking cigarettes and looking at the Pappas patio, opens magically every time I spend a random Tuesday night. Salon Berlin rarely disappoints with its abruptly polite waiters and regular customers, who always drink too many drinks regardless of the time. Foreigners, hipsters, old men, lovers, they all come here.

2. EPGB Radio: one of the best underground bars in Tel Aviv, this ultra-modern indie electronic club is the ideal place for young artists, hipsters, and other interesting people.

3. Pasaz: literally located in an underground passage, this live music bar/place has a very relaxed atmosphere. With dim red lighting and vintage furniture, the hipster atmosphere emphasizes music without the luxuries of an elegant nightclub.

4. Bicicletta: Feel at home while being transported to a barbecue in the backyard. With a young crowd, an outdoor garden, and reasonable prices, this is your favorite place to take the day.

5. The Prince: Cool bar located in an old building in Nachalat-Binyamin. You enter the bar through the building and right in front of you there is an excellent roof terrace with indoor and outdoor seating. A good variety of drinks and cocktails and there is also food.

6. Kuli Alma: The underground bar on the corner of Yehuda Halevi and Allenby has a large outdoor area to relax, a closed room with amazing music for dancing and a third room that usually has live music. They also host large exhibitions and emerging stores, a complete experience! It has some of the best vibes in the city, amazing DJs, beautiful graffiti decorating the walls, and slush Tubi!

7. TEDER.FM: Tel Aviv is a hipster world capital, TEDER.FM is its mecca. Teder is a perfect meeting place, unpretentious and cold, with tables outside in the middle of an old gallery, perfect for sitting with friends for hours, transmitting good music, serving beer in jars to share and having an amazing pizza. They regularly receive great guest DJs, special performances, movie nights, and second-hand markets.

8. Spicehaus: this is definitely one of the best conceptual bars in history. The waiters actually dress as pharmacists, and the cocktails are served in 3 glass bottles of different sizes. This is the biggest cocktail bar in Tel Aviv, but don’t be confused when you see a sign that you are in the right place!

9. Sputnik: near the corner of Rothschild, Sputnik opened its doors in 2016, and has already reached a cult status among the Tel Aviv hipster team as a space to relax, drink, catch up with friends and listen to good music, even occasionally. Live act and the best DJ in Tel Aviv. It is recommended to reserve a table in advance, as the place is filled at 10 p.m. and there are usually big queues outside.

10. The Block: The Block is the biggest and most serious nightclub in Tel Aviv. Located on Salame Street, separated from most of TLV’s wild nightlife, The Block is easily accessible by bus or taxi. As soon as you enter, the outside world ceases to exist, but with 3 different areas, each with its own music and atmosphere. First you will reach the main dance floor, there is also a smaller dance floor and a ballroom. All these are connected by luminous corridors so you get lost and find yourself.