The best night clubs and Nightlife in Sydney

Sydney nightlife has undergone a world of changes in recent years. Sydney is ready to once again become a world-class destination for the perfect night. Recovery will not happen overnight, but they never fear that there is still a lot of fun.

Sydney loves to party, we will party on the roof, in the basement, by the pool, even once every few months in a suburban bowling club. Despite the restrictions, Sydney is still ready for a good boogie, the trick is knowing where to look and not giving up a night out because you think it can’t be done. We have gathered the best clubs and nightlife places in our city. If you’re more like a party person for a nice drink, check out our guide to Sydney’s best underground bars. Or if you want to start your hedonistic descent to the disco with a fabulous performance.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Sydney

1.Home: The blows will be booming and you will bounce off the walls with a sweet view of the dazzling Darling Harbor lights that shine in your starry eyes. Announced as the only true “superclub” in Sydney, Home has an eclectic mix of events and a weekly shot of the Glitter Canyon at Homemade. It has three levels, eight rooms and a list of DJ’s spinning house, techno, trance, EDM and more.

2. Oxford Art Factory: modeling in New York in the 1980s before working at the iconic Sydney Q Bar nightclub, perhaps the most prominent victim of the blocking laws, closing its doors in 2015 after 22 years. In 2007, Gerber opened his own place on Oxford Street, a two-room live music space inspired by the Andy Warhol factory, where 5,000 gamblers a week now enjoy concerts.

3. Arch: Oxford Street, just around the corner from the spa open all day, is a special type of ark where animals march two by two in a robust sanctuary of entertainment and pleasure. Frequented by drag divas and gays who haven’t really experienced Sydney par excellence until you’ve been to Arq. It’s the kind of place where even the sound system is designed to provide you.

4. Mark Sydney: it’s inside the Star casino, and where else would you expect to find such great and great images on an average weekend? As close to Las Vegas as Sydney, Marquee has performed acts such as Calvin Harris, Drake, Avicii, Tiesto, Hardwell, and even a Paris Hilton set. Expect confetti, glamorous dancers, and the best Australian DJs too.

5. The Junction: Junction is the last place where you would expect to have decent clubs in this city. Known more for its mega-mall than for the dance floors, the suburb has had a revival since the lockouts, and the Junction is a place of choice for the prettiest children. It is also where festivals usually happen after parties, so rappers and renowned DJs are not a rare sight and neither are the queues at the door.

6. Chinese laundry: the famous club has less to do with foam and more with superstars. Hosting characters like Hudson Mohawke, Baauer, DJ Slink, and other international dance legends, this is where you can turn on, turn and squirm like a wet towel.

7. 77: CBD’s infamous old electroclash house has undergone some changes over the years, in particular, moving from a rave bunker to an elegant underground bar. The dishonest spirit is still alive in its musical programming, with local legends that play blows well into the night, encouraging Sydney party people to dance very late.

8. Slyfox: LGBT Club, Nexus of Enmore, Stanmore, and Marrickville is this nightclub that takes place very late, four nights a week. Whether you’re arriving at Enmore’s favorite queer night, Birdcage, visiting a live band, or simply needing an untz untz early in the morning to keep the party going, the most cunning of all foxes has you covered.

9. Palms on Oxford: We Found Love backed with a megamix of Grease, surrounded by slightly older friends of Dorothy. And you are not alone. Palms offers a good time guaranteed and daggy every damn time. That’s why you will see a long line in front of the place from midnight onwards every Friday and Saturday night.

10. The Retro: has a two-story Retro dance floor. Here, without a doubt, you are safe from judgment, wrapped in parties of super-spilled hens and able to enjoy a nutty stain or exercise your interpretative movements to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” choir. DJs mix all pop hits at full speed. The crowd is of all ages and is ready to have a good time.