The best night clubs and Nightlife in Stockholm

Stockholm loves its nightlife and when the sun goes down, the best nightclubs in the city offer something for everyone. This is a city of beautiful people, hipsters, rockers and everything else, so here is a good cross-section of clubs to choose from, but like many other important cities, the club scene changes in the blink of an eye, as well verify that it is open before leaving. Stockholm nightlife is an elegant club, fashionable people and beautiful blondes are the ingredients for the fun night of the cold Swedish capital. Let’s find out which are the best clubs and pubs to spend your nights!

The capital of Sweden offers a lot, not only from the point of view of landscape and architecture but also with regard to nightly entertainment. The Scandinavian style permeates the nights in Stockholm, with its modern and elegant style, where rivers of beer, cocktails, and champagne. The presence of bars and clubs where you can spend the night is abundant, whether you are looking for a bit or want to dance with the music of the best DJs.

As everyone knows, Stockholm is home to some of the most famous house music DJs in the world (Avicii, Aban, Steve Angello, etc.), and many of them play in the city’s most famous clubs. The nightlife in Stockholm begins early in one of the many bars in Södermalm, before moving to one of the many nightclubs in the capital. Although Stockholm’s nightlife is fantastic, you should know the places to go to. You have to quickly find the right place, otherwise, you risk not finding a place to stay to suffer the icy Swedish temperatures!

A disadvantage of nightclubs in Stockholm is their strict selection at the entrance. Each club has its own rules but, in principle, wherever goalkeepers are extremely demanding: be sure to dress in style and fashion, look sober, and possibly in the company of a good girl. That way you will have many more possibilities to obtain. Most clubs are actually bars that turn into nightclubs at the end of the night. Another disadvantage of the Swedish nightclub scene is the fact that many of the big clubs close at 3 in the morning. In addition, the minimum age to enter clubs can vary from 18 to 20 years. Depending on the place: inform yourself well before going.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Stockholm

Nightlife in Stockholm

1. Berns: This complex of restaurants, theaters, hotels, and clubs designed by Terrence has been operating in one way or another since 1863. Luminaries such as Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, and Josephine Baker have entertained the crowd, and these days you can catch anyone from Arcade Fire to Swedish artists, such as the long-awaited return of Leila K in the summer of 2016.

2. Sturecompagniet: Sturecompagniet is the largest nightclub in Stockholm, it distributes its the piani with 5 clues of rimangono balloons thinly attached to the sorgere of the sun. He survived the tragic event of 1994, when two men, who were denied access to the club, killed a gorilla and three guests, the Sturecompagniet was completely renovated in 2003 and inside bars, spiral stairs, and dance halls. The music in this club belongs to the whole house and is performed by the best Swedish DJs! The club is frequented by girls and boys between the ages of 23 and 30.

3. Spy Bar: Spy Bar is a trendy nightclub in Stockholm frequented by beautiful people and VIPs. The club has two floors and is frequented by an international clientele. You better come here before 23.00 as it is hard to get if you are not a celebrity.

4. Hell’s Kitchen: Hell’s Kitchen is one of the most fashionable clubs in Stockholm, decorated with the theme “Hell”, with bones and skulls hanging on the walls. Always full, the club attracts a young and snobbish audience, voraciously committed to consuming bottles of champagne at the tables. The music selection focuses on house music and techno. Hell’s Kitchen It is one of the few discos in Stockholm that remains open after 3.00, so it is essential for anyone who wants to have fun until the next morning. Minimum age 23 years.

5. Rose Club: Rose Club quickly became one of the most popular nightclubs in Stockholm. In the summer months, there is no better place to celebrate all night! With its giant windows, golden framed mirrors, and its beautiful terrace, this place will delight you all night long.

6. Solidaritet: one of the most popular clubs in Stockholm, Solidarity is a modern nightclub with spacious interiors. Here he plays the best Swedish DJs from all over the country and the music ranges from house to electronic music, to techno. Enter only if you are at least 25 years old.

7. Golden Hits: The Golden Hits is an animated club that features a playful design, many colors, and diffused light. Some musical instruments and ABBA posters hang from the ceiling. The place has live music, excellent food and is frequented by a crowd of more than 30 years who wants to have fun with the 70s and 80s of the revival of music. The club is also a restaurant: if you come to eat, avoid the queue at the entrance later!

8. Berns Salonger: Located in a sumptuous palace in front of the Royal Dramatic Theater and opened since 1863, the Berns Salonger is one of the oldest clubs in Stockholm. The place is very elegant and has a stage for live concerts, a restaurant, a luxurious lounge bar, and a summer terrace. One of the best clubs frequented by Stockholm. The club looks futuristic, with avant-garde lights, red sofa tables, and minimalist furniture. Good music performed by some of the most famous DJs in Sweden. The minimum age to enter is 23 years.

9. Morfar Ginko: one of the most popular nighttime hangouts in Stockholm, Morfar Ginko features the best DJs that spin from a loft over the main hall and, while the dance is definitely on the menu, they also mix seriously and even table tennis. When summer comes, the patio opens where you can relax with a drink and make new friends.

10. Public: With a vibrant Latin atmosphere, this elaborately decorated restaurant is transformed into a nightclub later in the evening, with exotic dishes that give rise to even more exotic cocktails. The sound system is state of the art and offers the best of local and international DJ electronics.