The best night clubs and Nightlife in St Petersburg

Nightlife St. Petersburg: the icy Russian metropolis gets very hot at night when the clubs in St. Petersburg go crazy. Let yourself be fascinated by the many clubs in the city and the beautiful Russian girls! St. Petersburg is the second-largest city in Russia and its social capital. The city is acclaimed for creatives such as writings, statues, and sculptures, as well as for its nightlife. It was the main city in Russia that received the way of life of the clubs, in the late 80s. St. Petersburg cannot compete with Moscow fashion clubs and giant dance floors. However, St. Petersburg still has its charm and wins the heart of the party with smaller establishments, each competing to be more unique and creative than the other.

St. Petersburg is the second-largest metropolis in Russia and its cultural capital. The city is famous not only for literature, architecture, and music but also for its nightlife. St. Petersburg It was the first city in Russia to adopt the culture of nightclubs, in the late ’80s. The nightlife began with the opening of rock music clubs and underground art centers, which expanded later, in the early 1990s, with rave clubs.

However, the nightlife in St. Petersburg began to flourish only in the mid-90s when some of the city’s most famous nightclubs opened. Today, in St. Petersburg you can find alternative and live rock concerts, as well as jazz and artistic clubs, where you can have a beer and meet many people on the same night. Most places seem to be cheap and have a relaxed and quiet environment.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in St Petersburg


1. Belgrade: underground discos and parties that last until the morning. There are many establishments to choose from here, but Belgrade is always an excellent option to dance all night. The club is quite small and the dance floor can get very crowded, so be prepared to really immerse yourself in the fun.

2. Fidel: The Fidel is one of the most famous and fun bars in St. Petersburg. Its strong points are the extremely friendly climate, the cheap prices, the music that goes from the rock to the commercial and so many people who want to dance all night! For this reason, Fidel is loved by many people and remains a point of reference for the nightlife in St. Petersburg. The restricted interior space facilitates communication and is very easy to know, music, although it tends to rock, is always danceable: all this, inserted in the cheapest spirits of the city, makes Fidel one of the ideal places to have fun in St. Petersburg In addition, the restaurant is located in Dumskaja, a street full of other small bars where you can drink and dance until 6.00 also on Mondays and Tuesdays when in other places the nightlife is practically absent.

3. Rossi’s Club: Club is a disco near Newskij Prospekt, located on via Rossi. This club has been a reference point for nightlife in St. Petersburg for years: built underground, the Rossi attracts an international audience. It has two dance floors and good music. At Rossi’s, you can meet Russian girls who come here with the intention of meeting foreigners from all over the world. In addition to the dance floors, the club is also a karaoke room. In the main hall playing commercial music, intermingled every hour with strip shows. Thursday night is very popular, although the Club is always full every night of the week. In general, the Red disco is highly recommended for tourists to enjoy a European-style club.

4. Circus Club: Under the appearance of a circus, the Circus Club is the most modern nightclub in St. Petersburg, located in the old town, in Konjushennaja square. In addition to music, the Circus offers a wide selection of cocktails, beers, and Japanese cuisine. In this nightclub, the atmosphere is unreal thanks to the animation composed of dancers with masks, trapeze artists, slot machines, and beautiful dancers who play music until dawn. The Circus is definitely something you should not miss during your tour of the nightlife in St. Petersburg: due to its atmosphere and the beautiful Russian girls, fun is guaranteed!

5. Havana Club: The Havana Club is a small club located next to the Republic of Coffee. The place looks like a disco, where you can drink and dance. around the ages of 18 to 25 years.

6. Revolution Club: The Revolution is a large club open every day of the week, with two dance floors. Many say that this is the best nightclub in St. Petersburg.

7. Metro Club: The Metro Club, located near the Ligovskiy Prospekt metro station, is the largest and most famous nightclub in St. Petersburg, occupied although occupied a bit far from the center. The club has three floors with so many areas for dancing and different types of music: on the first floor, international and Russian dance music, small tables and a large bar, on the second floor there is techno music and karaoke, while the third-floor commercial music, r ‘n’ BS and animation. Metro Club You can meet the normal girls of St. Petersburg: the club is a real “disco for teenagers”, frequented by young people with an average age of around 18-20 years. The prices are cheap

8. Purga Club: The Purge is a collegiate pub-club, whose particularity is to celebrate New Year’s Eve every night of the year! At midnight we take out the champagne, Russian and listen to Gorbachev’s speech on television. If we consider that in Russia the new year is the main holiday, which is often celebrated for a whole week, you can imagine the bacchanalia that is unleashed to purge every night! Although the place is small and always full, fun is guaranteed!

9. XXXX Bar: TheXXXX is part of a chain of 7 clubs in St. Petersburg and is also a pub, a disco, and a restaurant. Even the most famous club is through Sovetskaya, the XXXX bar has 4 other locations throughout the city, respectively in Svenigorodskoy, Oserkah, an Komendanskom, and Moscovsky Prospekt. The style is that of nightclubs, with a vast and heterogeneous audience, with many young people, good music, and lots of fun. The best nights are Fridays and Saturdays, where the club is full of people dancing at the bar until dawn: during the weekend, XXXX is always a guarantee!

10. Nebar: The Nebar is very popular among the young people of St. Petersburg. The interior consists of 3 rooms, on the ground floor there is techno music, commercial music on the ground floor, and upstairs the restaurant. Be sure to dress decently since the selection at the entrance is quite rigid.