The best night clubs and Nightlife in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Nightlife will live both day and night. In such a big city, the options between bars, clubs, and events are endless. We have gathered some of the best-classified options considering finding something for everyone. There is no possibility of getting bored in Sao Paulo when the night starts.  Nightlife São Paulo is considered one of the most vibrant and diverse on the continent; Whatever your budget, this city has the right nightlife for you. Brazil and not exactly an ideal destination for fun. But like many metropolises, Sao Paulo offers excellent restaurants, lively nightlife, and many entertainment options. The inhabitants of Sao Paulo, the restaurants and the lively nightlife are the substitute for life on the beach.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Sao Paulo

1. Lions nightclub: The Lions nightclub is a very popular place, not only for its eclectic programming but for its retro decor, the 3D-effect dance floor, and the open courtyard, which offers a beautiful view of the Cathedral of I know. The disco plays electronic music, hip-hop, soul, funk, future rhythms, and Brazilian music.

2. Bourbon Street: Bourbon Street can be one of the most famous and traditional jazz, blues, soul, and funk clubs in the city. Artists like B.B. King, Ray Charles, Wynton Marsalis, Shirley Horn, Nina Simone, and Brazilians Naná Vasconcelos, Zimbo Trio, and Elza Soares have played on their stage. The club’s bar, shaped like a grand piano, is known for its special drinks and snacks. Bourbon Street aims to recreate the atmosphere of New Orleans, ideal for those looking for good music and a space to drink with friends.

3. Café Piu Piu: Café Piu Piu offers rock for all tastes from Thursday to Saturday. With its stained glass decoration and routinely excellent alignment, it is a success among concert-goers of all ages who often congregate on the mezzanine that offers panoramic views of the entire space.

4. Grazie a Dio: traditional samba bars in Vila Madalena, Grazie a Dio! It has an agenda that goes from samba to soul. Grazie to Dio! It is an unusual space, with a sparse decoration that includes many candles, saints, and plants. The concept of the place arose from the improvised sessions at the Imagem e Som Museum, which brought together several artists from São Paulo, presenting concerts by Seu Jorge, Tulipa Ruiz, Céu, Paula Lima and the stars of the Buena Vista Social Club.

5. Hot Hot: Flávia Cecatto, a name had already been made in the São Paulo club scene with the successful places. The Hot Hot has three beautiful mother-of-pearl chandeliers that illuminate the room, all with kitsch designs from the 1970s. On the menu, there are drinks made with fruit popsicles and with celebrity names, such as Madame Satan and Latino.

6. Panam Club: Located at the top of the Maksoud Plaza hotel, the PanAm Club offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital and is a current favorite among the night revelers of this city. With its location on the 22nd floor of the building, the Panam Club has an airport environment with speakers that reproduce the noise of aircraft turbines and blue LED lights that guide the public. The helipad, one of the busiest spaces, is used as a smoking area. Panama prioritizes pop and electronic music.

7. D-Edge: D-Edge is a popular place for all kinds of tribes in São Paulo. In 2010, it underwent an expansion that doubled its capacity, making two other floors available to attendees. The place has a smoking area overlooking the Memorial da América Latina, one of the club’s most sought after spaces. The 3D dance floor, with its 200 rectangles of light covering all sides, is also the main attraction. On Mondays, the place leaves room for rock with its “On the Rocks” night.

8. Secret Bar: an interesting place to see, with chill house music and great people to meet. The name says, it’s a bar, but it’s more a nightclub. Be sure to take your ID with you, because you will be asked to show it to enter. And you don’t want to be left out! One night here that you will definitely remember. Visit and you will discover all the secrets of Secret Bar.

9. Jungle Club: Downtown Sao Paulo, there is a small jungle and that is the Jungle Club. Wild decorations, eclectic music, bands, DJs, good cocktails, a dance floor to leave all your problems behind, and a mezzanine to see everything from above. You will enjoy visiting this nightclub, which I am sure you will find special and unique.

10. Caribbean Disco Club: It is a very popular club. With a modern atmosphere, VIP rooms, a large dance floor, and an impressive sound system. Inspired by clubs in Mexico and Europe, they combine the best of both worlds to turn this nightclub into a unique and exciting place. Check it out and see for yourself!