The best night clubs and Nightlife in Rome

Rome Nightlife is really knowing how to have fun. Whether you like the club scene, the innovative cocktails, or just a relaxed wine bar where you can share a glass of wine with some friends, you have the opportunity to guide yourself in the best places for nightlife in Rome! Rome is full of great clubs. But before dancing all night, keep in mind that the real fun doesn’t begin until midnight. So take your time, enjoy a snack, or enjoy a wine tasting. The options are endless. And once you’re ready to trample, head to one of these nightclubs in Rome! Just one warning, most of the following nightclubs are open from September to early May. From May to September, check out our summer hangouts guide! Look at these places to dance all night!

The Romans do not have dinner until after 9 p.m., the nightlife in Rome begins quite late. Don’t be fooled if the bars are empty at 7 pm, have some patience and they will soon begin to fill up. Throughout the week, you will find bars in low-profile bars or restaurants, while on Fridays and Sundays it is the best time to go to the rooftop pubs, bars, and clubs. Returning home at 6 am is normal for party goers here. They will park their scooters outside a bakery open 24 hours a day and eat a cornetto directly from the oven, before going to bed.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Rome

Nightlife in Rome

1. Circolo Degli Illuminati: it has become one of the reference points for Roman nightlife. With three different rooms and a large garden, the club offers a wide variety of musical genres. The main room facing House – Tech House, Room02 instead of Hip Hop and Room3, a perfect place to relax while enjoying a cocktail with relaxing music. Make sure you don’t miss the Minù de Circolo Degli Illuminati: a weekly party on Saturday nights with excellent electronic music.

2. Lanificio 159: downtown, this garage-style club organizes incredible parties. Your selection of DJ sets, especially L-Ektrica and GLAMDA, is what makes party-goers aged 20 to 30 return to this place every weekend to enjoy unique sound experiences. Lanificio also opens its doors to all varieties of live music; every Monday: Sliding Bob, a live radio show; once a month on Thursdays: Kahbum Bar with independent Italian bands; Every Sunday: live karaoke.

3. Goa Club: one of the best alternative and electronic clubs in the city. An intimate place, famous for its original atmosphere and brilliant sound system. Cutting-edge programming strengthened its reputation as one of the most innovative places in Italy.

4. GUS: In the center of Rome, in the Prati district, a few steps from Piazza Cavour, get ready to have cocktails and dance all night in a beautiful lounge with bar and dance floor. Glamorous people, elegant atmosphere, and contemporary music await you for a night you will not forget.

5. Gay Village: This legendary outdoor gay club recently moved to the modern Testaccio neighborhood. It is a place to really let your hair down. Brilliant carnival dancers perform on stage while DJs play music for everyone to dance.

6. Sharivari: Center of Rome, and looking for something a little more lively than a wine bar, which is not full of teenagers, try Sharivari Play House. It is a private club and restaurant that organizes theme nights. Go to the place along a small side street near Piazza Navona and you can dance all night with hip-hop, R&B and retro melodies, espresso martini in your hand. Or opt for a table, to enjoy people watching from the side of the dance floor.

7. Alcazar: open until 2 am, this old cinema has become a space of cultural concept, where you can find everything from art cinema screenings to improvised sessions, art exhibitions, and funk bands. You can meet all your cultural needs here. And what’s more, if you go up the stairs you will find your hostess: a restaurant with an excellent view of the stage from above and a menu rich in locally sourced products.

8. Sheket: Located between Piazza Venezia and the place where Caesar fell to his bloody death, this new place has already earned its reputation as the place to go. Come and enjoy the cocktails and relax with the songs of the DJ in the lounge bar. Expect to wait in line at the weekend. It is a good place to go if you are in the city center and looking for fun.

9. Room26: exists for four years, at first glance you can feel that you are entering a museum. The marble columns and the architecture surrounding this club are quite surprising. Once inside, you realize the true treasure of this place: the first thing that overwhelms you is the sound system, designed by Steve Dash, is one of the best in Europe. This place is wonderfully loud.

10. Rashomon Club: After celebrating its tenth anniversary, this club continues to be the center of the most popular Roman nightlife. Always ahead of the latest trends in music and, often, also leading the fashion scene in the city, it is one of the best underground places in Rome.