The best night clubs and Nightlife in Prague

Nightlife in Prague When the sunset lights fall, Prague’s face turns and shows its wild side. The Czech capital can offer entertainment for all tastes. Going to a disco in Prague is a great success! Prague has some really great nightclubs where you can dance all night at home, techno, and other types of dance music; However, proper independent club nights do not exist here if you are used to the British standard. The choice ranges from the numerous discos, pub and cocktail bar, the famous Pub Crawls, to the wide selection of adult venues and strip clubs. Here is the best club in Prague to spend memorable evenings! Prague becomes a different city full of shadows that creep into dimly lit lanes, circling the bats over your head and a definitely fun sense of madness. From traditional breweries with accordionists to elegant modern dance clubs, Prague’s nightlife is still alive until the sun rises, and what better way to see the Charles Bridge than at dawn.

The nightlife in Prague is also an interesting mix of generations, if you are looking for the most traditional breweries and pubs for your nightlife experience in Prague, do not be surprised if you end up drinking with the Czech grandfather and do not be surprised when you drink under the table because it surely will! And after a night of fun.

Prague can definitely count on a nightlife among the best in Europe. One cannot fall in love with this city! The nightlife of Prague is very varied: everyone can find something that is right for them. You can dance all night in the clubs of Prague, having an excellent Czech beer in a bar and live music of all kinds. Although restaurants and pubs close at midnight, bars, clubs, and clubs in Prague are open until dawn and always: some breweries are even open 7/24. Prague has the second-highest density rate of bars and nightclubs in the world. Where London, New York, and Tokyo have more bars, in relation to its population, Prague has the highest number of bars per person.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Prague

Nightlife in Prague

1. Duplex: Duplex is one of the most beautiful places in Prague and ranked among the best clubs in the world on the “World Finest Clubs” list. It is formed by a huge square glass, built on a modern building, from whose terrace you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Old City. During the day, it is an ideal place for lunch or coffee, while at night it becomes a trendy disco, with several tracks, lounge corners, and five bars. Curiosity: Mick Jagger celebrated his 60th birthday here, making Duplex even more crowded than usual.

2. Epic Prague: one of the most modern clubs in Prague, Epic is located in a basement a few steps from the Republic Square and offers a music program focused on electronic dance music, a large dance floor, Awesome light effects, and a high-level audio system. With an area of 2,500 MQ, the club is distributed over three floors and the club’s music program has a lot to offer, including events with the best DJs and producers in the world, as well as regular events focused on R’n ‘B, Hip-Hop and House, Latino and Reggaeton music. Definitely a must-see of Prague’s nightlife.

3. Ace Club: located in the historic center and in the middle of a lively nightlife, Ace is a popular club in Prague with charming interiors consisting of red velvet sofas, elegant chandeliers, and elegant decorations. Open until the early hours of the morning, this is the perfect place for those looking for a suitable place for the party all night long and about beautiful girls in Prague, dancing the best of R&B hits.

4. Karlovy Lázne: Known as the largest local central Europe, the Karlovy Lazne extends over five floors, each offering different types of music and several dance floors where you can dance and have fun. The place is frequented by Prague but especially by tourists. Here is also the famous stage of the Prague crawl Pub, the alcoholic guided tour of the bars of Prague. The club is located in an elegant building of the fifteenth century, next to the famous Charles Bridge. On the ground floor is the Music Cafe, ideal for quiet nights. Club not to be missed.

5. Klub Lávka: Lávka is a great club for drinking, dancing, and meeting beautiful girls in Prague, which is always served. It is located on the banks of the Vltava River, near the Charles Bridge, and enjoys a beautiful view of Prague Castle.

6. Lucerne Music Bar: Located near Wenceslas Square, the Lucerna Music Bar & Club is popular among the twenties of Prague, and home evenings and concerts of the popular Czech band during the week. On Fridays and Saturdays at night they usually dedicate themselves to the music of the 80s and 90s accompanied by music videos: the Video Party is fun and try. The dress is casual, jeans and t-shirts may be enough. Large rooms and excellent drinks at affordable prices.

7. Malostranská Beseda: The Malostranská Beseda is a club and bar where they play rock, jazz, blues, country, and folk music.

8. Mecca: one of the most popular clubs in Prague, the Mecca club is located inside a large abandoned factory with three floors and, inside, there are a relaxation room, a VIP room, and five bars. It is a club specializing in house and techno music and is internationally recognized thanks to the fact that it often hosts world-famous artists and DJs such as Bob Sinclar, Jaydee, Markus Schulz, and Tiesto.

9. KU Bar Lounge: Located in the center of the old town, KU is a club in Prague attended by elegant and fashionable people. DJs play dance music, R’n’B, and house until dawn. A good option if you want a memorable and elegant night, and dance with beautiful girls in Prague.

10. Club La Fabrique: one of the oldest and most famous clubs in Prague, La Fabrique is a great place to go look for beautiful girls: upstairs there is a bar area to chat and get closer to the girls, while below is the disco were frolicking in a frantic dance.