The best night clubs and Nightlife in Porto Alegre

Nightlife in Porto Alegre, a Portuguese translation of “Joyful Harbor” is the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, a state of Brazil. The clubs, pubs, and bars of the city are versatile with the wide range of services they offer. You have everything from traditional bars to discos.

The city is nice, but walking at night in most of the city is completely dangerous. During the day, it is recommended to pay attention to your belongings at all times, due to the activity of pickpockets and other thieves. Avoid night parks.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Porto Alegre

Nightlife in Porto Alegre

1. Provocateur Club: Provocateur is the heart of international nightlife. Of New York origin, the house that is a reference of the “big apple” in nightclubs, recently opened two franchises in Brazil. After Sao Paulo, it was the turn of Porto Alegre to host the world-famous club for its main parties in Cannes, Punta del Este, among other luxury destinations.

Located in the noble heart of the city, with a provocative and luxurious atmosphere, Provocateur Porto Alegre is already a national and world leader in nightlife, attracting visitors from all over Brazil and the world.

2. Occupant: this place is one of the most recommended places to dance in Porto Alegre. While representing a modern culture, the restaurant/pub restores the cultural heritage of Porto Alegre in its music. The place comes alive at night that organizes the liveliest parties in Brazil. It is an ideal place for friends.

3. Dirty Old Man: One of the unique pubs in the entire city of Porto Alegre, Dirty Old Man is located in the lower city. It attracts large crowds that come to drink specialty drinks. Famous for its cocktails and special drinks, the themes of the pub revolve around Charles Bukowski’s book “The Dirty Old Man”.

4. Dublin Irish Pub: The Dublin Pub is a great place that offers an excellent variety of food and drinks, great music, and an incredible atmosphere that favors conversation. You can experience Rock and Roll music live, with delicious snacks, a bottle of cold beer, and a variety of prepared drinks, all under one roof.

5. Valen Bar: one of the few bars in Porto Alegre that is inspired by bars in cities like New York, Berlin, Valen Bar is the first erotic bar in Brazil. It is extremely popular among young people, as it offers excellent drinks. The bar has themes of erotic concepts based on visual arts, literature, music, mood, behavior, cinema, and theater.

6. Free Rider’s Pub: The pub open only on weekends lives up to your expectations, as it offers some of the best performances of the band in Brazil with a live DJ with loud international music. The place has a great dance floor open to everyone. The food offered is amazing with special beers and cocktails.

7. London Pub & Bistro: If you are a fan of the English atmosphere and climate or want to experience London’s nightlife, this pub is the ideal place. With a strong influence of London Pubs as a concept, London Pub and Bistro is a great place for good music, excellent traditional London dishes with few local delicacies on offer.

8. Vitraux Club: one of the best nightclubs in Porto Alegre, the Vitraux Club is very popular among young people because of its electrifying atmosphere and atmosphere. It attracts crowds every night and is one of the best places to be. The food and drinks offered to add to the overall experience, which makes it an unforgettable night.

9. Club688: Primary in name, location, and what else a club needs to offer pure fun. Outside, Porto Alegre Center, Porto Quay, and the Guaíba River. Inside you never know. Each night is a party, each party has a style, each style has an audience and each audience makes one night different from the others. Successes of different styles, shaking the environment for those who want to go to the night without thinking about leaving. Nothing fairer, after all, is Saturday.

10. Opinion Bar: Opinion has won the position of one of the most important places in the south of the country. Located in idade Baixa, the most bohemian neighborhood of Porto Alegre, Opinion has responsibility and commitment to the cultural movement and city entertainment. Space also hosts private events such as graduations, product launches, and other corporate events. Over time, Opinion has been the scene of most presentations important artists of national and international music.