The best night clubs and Nightlife in Phuket Thailand

Nightlife in Phuket is famous worldwide for its colorful nightlife. It has evolved a lot to reach all types of travelers and today; It is not as loud as in Pattaya or even Bangkok. During the high season, the nightlife is vibrant in most beach towns. Patong, of course, leads the pack, but Kata, Karon, and Kamala have their own bar streets, lively and colorful until midnight or 2 am. Phuket Nightlife is a favorite tourist destination for a holiday in Thailand. But the first thing that comes to mind about this island is its amazing, colorful, vibrant, and busy nightlife. Patong and Karon beach areas shine with the best nightlife options that include sunbathing places, nightclubs, rest areas, gay bars, cultural concerts, and nightclubs in Phuket. This place becomes a refuge for people who want to explore the city after sunset.

The nightlife in Patong has excellent nightclubs that host international DJs, elegant rooftop bars, more live bands than you need and ladyboy shows that challenge your imagination. Of course, you may be tempted to take a look inside the famous Go-Go bars at least once. Continuing is easy and couples are welcome.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Phuket Thailand

Nightlife in Phuket Tayland

1. White Room: modern white interior and elegant furniture, it is easy to see why the White Room is a hit among punters. Add a bottle service for the boujee among us, talented DJs and a prime location in Bangla, White Room is ideal for those who want a night out in Phuket, where they can have fun as a celebrity at a fraction of the price. A typically younger crowd expects the latest hip hop, dance, house, and EDM songs to sound for a party-minded crowd.

2. Xana Beach Club: popular and elegant beach club on Bang Tao Beach with a large pool and garden area, excellent restaurant, and one of the best sound systems on the island. There are plenty of bright beach clubs in Phuket, but the 35-meter pool at Xana Beach and its classic approach to presentation and decoration put it ahead of the rest. You can easily lose a whole day here resting by the water or lying in the sand; and with fantastic food, quality cocktails and resident DJs and punctual guests, maybe one night too.

3. Illuzion: the most impressive of the Bangla Road super clubs, which regularly hosts some of the world’s greatest DJs. Once the Bangla Road bars begin to calm down around midnight, go up the escalators and enter the cavernous main hall of Illuzion to try the Thai disco on a really epic scale. Admission is free, drinks are reasonably priced and there is a VIP area for privilege payment if you feel like it.

4. Soi Seadragon: Soi Seadragon is the main “Soi” of Patong Beach, where most Go-Go bars are located. The street is covered so you don’t have to worry about the rain and there are many beer bars in the central part. Those beer bars are fun and famous for their kind ladies and their silly games. Connect 4 and Jenga are the traditional ones, but hitting a nail with a hammer in the minimum time after a couple of beers is a memorable experience.

5. Soi Easy on Bangla Road: Soi Easy is the closest Soi to the beach, and not as famous as its neighbors. In addition to some usual indoor beer bars, the main attractions are the Hollywood Disco and a popular place for decades called Aussie Bar on the second floor, and Secret The Secret ‘a Go-Go bar hidden in the back trying to be a little more Elegant. The dancers on stage announced as ‘models of Bangkok.

6. Harem Bar: Harem A-Go-Go is the most luxurious Go-Go bar in Phuket, with red velvet sofas and curtains around, two main stages with four smaller platforms on each side. The place feels cozy and intimate, and the staff is beautiful. Like this was not enough to make you want to visit, Harem is also the most extensive Go-Go bar since it occupies the space that used to be Playschool and Candy Club.

7. Devil’s Playground: Devil’s Playground ‘raises the bar’ of Go-Go bars to a new level. From the outside, it shows that it is not just the usual boring dark room with a central stage and few stools. Built as a cave entrance with a large castle door, you will be welcome to hell by a very cute demon with a tiny red skirt and some bright red horns. Admission is free, so let your curiosity take over this time, you always wanted to know what happens.

8. Red Hot Club: live music venue and bar with Thai music bands every night and probably the friendliest party atmosphere in Patong. Located right on Bangla Road, live music is the star here with a list of bright cover bands that always attract a diverse crowd of revelers directly from the street. Take a seat or move around the huge stage and have fun listening to all your rock and pop hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s like you’ve never heard before.

9. Rock City: Phuket’s hard rock and heavy metal temple, with a rotating list of high-quality European bands that play classic versions until very late. On an island where the music menu rarely goes beyond a diet of sick pop, polite house music, and cookie-cutter EDM, Rock City offers shelter for those who like their music with a little more advantage. With dark walls, sticky floors, and a large stage overlooking the head of a giant and angry gorilla, if you like your music, this is your place.

10. Paradise Complex: bars, clubs, discos, restaurants, cafes, and more managed by GBT, located just five minutes from Patong Beach. With the highest concentration of LGBT + places in a place outside of Bangkok, whatever your mood, taste, or scene, there should be a place to relax here. You may feel a bit shabby in some places, but it’s worth checking out places like the excellent Boat Bar and the My Way Cabaret Country.