The best night clubs and Nightlife in Paris

Nightlife in Paris, the French capital, begins to live in other places when you go to sleep. Your night offers everything: from restaurants to clubs to dance all night, to classical theater and cabaret. The Crazy Horse, the Lido, the Folies Bergeres, the Paradis Latin, the Moulin Rouge, are just some of the most famous nightclubs in Paris. Paris is a great city, with so many places to see that you don’t know where to go. How to choose between the most famous places, the most unknown, the hidden ones, and those that you don’t even begin to imagine. You still have a lot to see in the City of Lights. Refined restaurants, original pubs, and discos. The following list contains some examples of where you can go when you are in Paris.

The nightlife in Paris is full of clubs and places to dance and have fun all night. The nights are for all genres of music and DJ sets: techno, electronica, soul and R’n’B or Jazz music. There are many clubs with an entrance fee, but the rate always includes at least one drink. The vibrant and diverse nightlife. From nightclubs to modern cabaret, there is something for everyone.

The vertiginous variety of scenarios, subcultures, and moods of Paris may not be more visible than a night in the city. Start your night with an ostentatious cocktail near the Ritz, at Place Vendôme. Enjoy a Blanche in one of the coveted terraces for people watching the Marais. Then, I finished with a warm bowl of Vietnamese Pho followed by a glass of red house in a bohemian brasserie in the cosmopolitan and sandy Belleville, and you may feel that you have changed countries. Whether you want to mix with the fashion set or experience a more youthful and avant-garde night scene, a memorable night is practically guaranteed. We have reviewed the best nightlife places in Paris to help you adapt your dress to the Parisian style. Without further ado, click to find out where to go for a fantastic night in the French capital.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Paris

1. Supersonic: located in an old factory where the natural light of the moon merges with the warm colors of the club, Supersonic is the new indie music spot in Paris. With three promising bands on stage every night and theme night of weekend clubs spanning Britpop, new wave, and indie rock, it is guaranteed that you will have a great time.

2. Nouveau Casino: famous and popular club, where they play hip hop, electronic, and rock music. He often has live rock music until dawn. It consists of a bar on the ground floor and a medium-sized ballroom on the top floor.

3. La Bellevilloise: Bellevilloise is mainly a pub in Art Deco style, where there is a room with centuries-old olive trees where you can have drinks and cultural space. Soul Music, rock, Electro, and afro.

4. Rex Club: one of the best Parisian clubs for techno and electronic music fans, and always a crowd since the mid-1980s. Friday night is a must for techno lovers, but Saturday is geared to the fans at House. At the entrance there is always a row, then present a little in advance.

5. BADABOUM: The Badaboum is a club located near Bastille that opened in 2013, which combines a concert hall, cocktail bar, and Parisian-style club. The concerts take place from 8 pm to 11 pm and the club takes over until the end of the night. The club has a good sound system and a cocktail bar with rough walls and wooden cabinets. Your apartment has the appearance of a small cozy and vintage apartment. The music that plays in Badadoum oscillates between techno and house. The club generally invites great names from the French and international techno/house scene.

6. Wanderlust: Wanderlust, which is actually part of Les Docks, is a nightclub that exceeds all expectations of a great traditional night in the city. The modern complex is dedicated to fashion and day design; It attracts a crowd of young hipsters, before being dominated by strobe lights and loud music at night. The club has a 1,600 square meter terrace where you can dance under the stars in good weather in summer and a large space with a club and restaurant area.

7. Showcase: a huge and legendary nightclub in Paris, located on the banks of the Seine, just below the Alexandre III bridge. The place is located in an old naval hangar, is decorated in Art Nouveau style and dancing under immense stone vaults. Live music that ranges from rock to funk, to house and techno music, with famous DJ sets.

8. Balajo: Open since 1935, it mainly proposes salsa evenings, but it also ranges from techno to musette, Latin rhythms, and rock to house. The club has a ballroom, three floors, often full of people, and has kept the spirit and atmosphere “bal musette”, as it was in the thirties and forties.

9. MIX Club: Club located near the Montparnasse Tower. Always a crowded, unmissable club place to spend your nights in Paris.

10. Queen: Good music, young and not very elegant. The Queen is a famous gay club, located in the Champs Elysees. Here you can meet celebrities and artists. Recommended nights: Monday and Wednesday. The door policy has recommended an elegant appearance.