The best night clubs and Nightlife Oslo

Nightlife in Oslo has a ridiculously rich scene, with a wide variety of bars and clubs that cater to both the refined and the scandalous. Most remain open until 3 a.m. or later on weekends, and the compact nature of the city and its interconnected internal neighborhoods means it is perfect for crawling. for everyone, from Bortenfor, Lawo, Jaeger, Stratos, Angst, and The Villa.

The best bar scene in the city’s neighborhood is along with the Thorvald Meyers gate and the surrounding streets in Grünerlokka and the Torggata strip after the bridge across the Akerselva. The Youngstorget area has some of the most popular places near the city center and developments around Aker Brygge have brought more life after dark to the coast, while the neighborhoods of Gronland and Toyen have an alternative feeling. St Hanshaugen has a small collection of discrete and quietly cool places around Ullevålsveien. Norwegians, especially students and young people, have an alternative solution to counteract the damage that night on the tiles can cause to the solvency of one. The forspill tradition is to visit your nearest Vinmonopolet and buy wine or spirits at much cheaper prices and have drinks at home or in the park before leaving. Keep in mind that while supermarkets sell beer, wine, and spirits, they can only be purchased at Vinmonopolet and close at around 6 p.m. during the week and on Saturdays, and they are closed on Sundays.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Oslo

1. Magic ice bar: Try the Magic ice ice bar and drink ice wine while browsing the ice sculptures.

2. Bla: Large hipster bar with an outdoor patio located in Grunerlokka.

3. Uhort: Hipster bar and patio located within the square of the Stroget nightclub.

4. Bortenfor: a cozy bar with a unique atmosphere and a large patio facing the Akerselva river.

5. Kartell: Last bar in the square of the Stroget nightclub with swinging sofas.

6. Stratos: Luxury nightclub on the roof of the Stratos building, often with incredible EDM and a hot crowd.

7. Jaeger: Perhaps the best nightclub in Oslo, Jaeger is guaranteed a good time with great music and incredible venues.

8. Nox Sollihagen: a solid place for EDM and fist-pumping, you can’t go wrong with a crazy night in NOX.

9. The Villa: techno and house lovers will have fun at The Villa, another unique place.

10. Den Gamle Skobutikken: On the other side of Angst you can have another cocktail and go up to the rooftop patio.