The best night clubs and Nightlife in New York

New York is known for its nightlife. Whether it’s sophisticated cocktail bars, friendly dive bars, or dance clubs with only bottle service, the city’s nightly entertainment is as electrifying as ever. In this section, discover where to drink, dance, and listen to music throughout the nightlife in New York, everything is open, the energy is high and the subway runs smoothly. Excellent. But once work, your trip, and the stress of your 9 to 5 have eased, once the sun goes down and artificial lights come on, a different New York emerges.

Without the crowds and commerce, the city comes alive after dark. he blushes in his avenues, whispers in his bridges, grumbles in his bars and roars in his clubs. Go out into the dark streets and you will find a place and people whose atmosphere and enthusiasm simply could not exist without the cover of darkness. The identification of New York arises every night; another half night as essential to his identity as his business hours alter ego. Then, for all those who look for that restless energy, a look at the face behind the bright everyday mask; For anyone who is not afraid of the shadows, this is what he should do after hours in New York.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in New York

1. Avant Gardner: This East Williamsburg local complex features the huge Brooklyn Mirage outdoor sanctuary and a couple of luxurious interior rooms: a 15,000 square foot Grand Hall and a cozy Kings Hall, which still has a capacity of 800 persons. You will see some of the greatest artists of the electronic dance music scene at the Brooklyn Mirage outdoors during the summer month, and then the party will continue throughout the year in the indoor spaces that have also hosted great hits like Jamie Jones. , Fisher, Gramatik, and Aphex Twin. Don’t miss immersive projection mapping images both indoors and outdoors.

2. House of Yes: House of Yes, a Bushwick-based experience that could turn any owl that isn’t at night. Since its opening in 2016, this blurred place of boundaries has established itself as a staple of the city’s nightlife with exciting and eclectic events, including disco parties, house yoga, and performances by aviators, magicians, and more. All you have to do is say yes.

3. Output: only good vibes: that’s what is offered in Output. With its modern Funktion-One sound system and a diverse clientele, this multi-room club located next to the Brooklyn Wythe Hotel is a breath of fresh air for night owls in North Williamsburg.

4. Elsewhere: The Megaclub scale is combined with the Bushwick style in this extensive entertainment complex hidden in a flourishing nightlife district near Jefferson Avenue. The large room adapts to 700 people and has a laser and LED light show with sensory overload. And the talent definitely left the dial, with independent rockers and DJs still standing in the basement, as well as every night, like the strange Latinx Papi Juice party.

5. Blue Midtown: The dazzling theater district of Midtown will find Blue, a social music club in the basement of The Ribbon restaurant. The set above simply.

6. The Sultan Room: This Bushwick music venue features a state-of-the-art sound system, technical lighting, mosque-inspired wall decals, and a sunken dance floor. It is an access point for live shows and DJ sets, influenced by global sounds. Also, it’s attached to the cheesy Wisconsin dinner club, Turk’s Inn, so you can have a good meal before dancing all night.

7. HOME SWEET HOME: Home Sweet Home is a classic den of the Lower East Side that is not * just * a dance venue. This is a great place to come if half of your crew would prefer to stand still while the other half wants to get dirty by cutting a carpet. Just be sure to let them know that the enthusiastic dance crowd will blow your mind. The most popular night of the week is Friday.

8. BROOKLYN BOWL: it is a bowling alley, a live music venue, and a dance venue, all in one. Brooklyn Bowl to tie a pair of slippery shoes and throw a pair of rocks in the direction of a bunch of pins. But even if you don’t like a 10-frame game, you still have to add the Brooklyn Bowl to your list of nightlife places to visit. In fact, most people in the Brooklyn Bowl don’t play bowling. Instead, they are catching up with their favorite musical acts or cutting a carpet behind the rails.

9. MARQUEE: The renovation of Marquee in 2012 reaffirmed its position as one of the most revered clubs in the city. Marquee fell out of the good graces of the party people for a few years but has recovered with vengeance after a complete overhaul in the early 2010s. With outposts in Sydney and Vegas, Marquee NYC is essentially a hall Huge and a VIP area with a balcony that attracts international electronic DJs weekly. After paying the cover, you will join forces with a mixture of sweaty New Yorkers and curious from outside the city.

10. BLACK FLAMINGO: it is the dance club you don’t want to go to when you go to the club. The official designation of Black Flamingo, Do not let this confuse you. While it is true that a good meal without meat is usually served here, it is the basement that you should worry about. Decorated in a Miami Vice of pink walls, the atmosphere of the 70s, Black Flamingo is where people who do not mind seeing or being seen come down. The music is a funky house: more cheerful and cheerful than the heavy and strong bass, and often presents a wide range of vinyl. It’s where the older hipsters are, you know.