The best night clubs and Nightlife in New Orleans

Nightlife in New Orleans has a certain reputation. Of course, it is a popular place for bachelor parties, so that groups of friends drink in the streets all night and find smart ways to get a chain of accounts. New Orleans likes to stay up late. The city that is the birthplace of jazz and cocktails and that Mardi Gras receives every year is not sleepy. While music is the local language at any time of day or night, at dusk in New Orleans, the opportunities to listen and dance live music and watch cabaret shows are in every corner and crack.

The city of New Orleans is much more than Bourbon Street. I mean, this is the birthplace of jazz, the host of more than 130 festivals a year, and a hotbed for the deep history surrounding food and culture. New Orleans is a city defined and made up of waterways. Nicknamed Crescent City due to its quarter moon shape, New Orleans was isolated from the mainland for about 250 years. It is that isolation that made this wonderful city a hotbed of musical innovation, which resulted in Dixieland jazz, Creole cuisine, gospel music, jazz funerals, and a cheeky stew of cultures and customs that are uniquely their own. New Orleans is transformed when the sunsets. Although people have so much fun under the sun, it is not until the moon rises and the cocktails begin to flow that The Big Easy really comes true.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in New Orleans

1. CAT’S MEOW: Karaoke rules in this place of free spirit Bourbon Street. The famous cat meow. This Bourbon Street nightclub is known for its ridiculously good karaoke scene and excellent 3-hour happy hour drink specials. It is rumored that The Smashing Pumpkins and Bill Gates have bought some of their favorites here, to the delight of the dancing crowd. The action is of the variety “all night” since Cat’s Meow remains noisy and full until the wee hours of the morning. Whether you want to be the main event on stage singing your favorite karaoke song or dancing with your friends to the great DJs of Cat’s Meow, here is fun for everyone.

2. NEW ORLEANS REPUBLIC: This DJ-driven club is one of the few in the city that offers VIP bottle service. Republic is a massive dance club located in the Warehouse district in a real warehouse space dating from 1852. Just eight blocks from the end of Canal Street in the French Quarter, this historic space is carved into three different clubs, the dance club Main floor level, the mezzanine above, and the intimate Green Room, ideal for a cozy private event. Giant candlesticks hang from the ceiling of the warehouse, while partygoers dance non-stop with DJs and live music. The Republic has bars on both sides of the floor to keep the mood relaxed. The crowd tends to lean younger, so expect a lot of energy on the dance floor.

3. LA MAISON: La Maison is a multi-stage place in the heart of busy Frenchmen Street. La Maison is a popular nightclub on the historic Frenchmen Street of New Orleans. Frenchmen Street is known for its excellent music and nightlife, and The Maison offers some of the best live music and dance shows on the street. For early risers, live performances start at 4 p. M. On the weekend and around 5 p. M. The rest of the week, usually accompanied by special drinks. At night, local brass and funk bands shake the house. The place has three stages, which offer multiple options to catch local talent. There is rarely a cover at The Maison, so feel free to walk at night when you are ready to get off.

4. BLUE NILE: Kermit Ruffins plays a late show most Friday nights. The Blue Nile is a night club on Frenchmen Street located in one of the oldest buildings on the famous rue (1832). The club constantly draws some of the best local and national musical acts and offers a full bar to help its clients spend the night. The blue and gold interior creates a soft atmosphere, making the transition from business to pleasure quite simple. The property offers entertainment on two floors, including a balcony on the top floor that overlooks the French. Brass, funk, blues, reggae, everything is here depending on the night of the week you visit.

5. BOURBON PUB AND PARADE: Located at the Nice end of Bourbon, this 24/7 dance club is always full of energy. Bourbon Pub and Parade is located in the group of gay bars that go to the residential end of Bourbon. The place is known for its go-go dancers who stroll through the bars, regular karaoke, and a large balcony to observe people. There is usually a cover, but the bar makes up for it with a friendly staff that goes out of their way to make each and every customer feel welcome.

6. THE BEACH IN BOURBON: The Bourbon Street club is very popular. The Beach on Bourbon is a hot spot and the boy goes crazy. You enter through a kind of narrow walkway, where you cannot know if you are still outside or inside. When you finally reach the back, you are immersed in a beach aura with tons of people dancing on what they say is Bourbon’s biggest dance floor.

7. ONE EYE JACKS: The most fun place to dance with DJ and live music is in the heart of the French Quarter. Dance party on Thursdays of the 80s. This local favorite is known for its striking decoration, complete with chandeliers and a large staircase, excellent views of the stage, and a relaxed atmosphere. Excellent prices of drinks and sketches of hysterical comedy seal the deal. Like many things in New Orleans.

8. CALOR DE BOURBON: Tricou House with the last traditional road on Bourbon Street. Bourbon Heat is one of the hot spots in Bourbon, earning high marks for its happy hour and its patio. The part of the club is on the second level of the building, where you will find partiers of all the strips that descend on the dance floor. As soon as you reach the first step, you will listen to live DJ or video music.

9. GOLDMINE SALOON: The Gold Mine is known for its scandalous night dance scene. Gold Mine Saloon has been a family business that serves New Orleans since 1983. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, it has traditionally been a favorite of locals and tourists for night dances and excellent beverage prices. Gold Mine Saloon is close enough to Bourbon Street to attract the crowd to good dance music and Dr. Pepper’s shots, which the club claims to have invented. The gold mine generally has a more mischievous crowd.

10. THE METROPOLITAN NIGHT: one of the few mega dance clubs in the city, this warehouse district space is an impressive place. The Metropolitan Club is the leading establishment of DJ dance video in the city. The intricate lighting and smoke machines create an environment driven by a serious rhythm that never stops. Music offers include top 40, hip hop, mash-ups, rock and pop in one room with the house, techno, dub and breaks in another. Flat-screen televisions line the walls so that dancers can follow the DJ from anywhere on the floor.