The best night clubs and Nightlife in Mykonos

Nightlife in Mykonos is the main destination for active and crazy nightlife throughout Greece: nightlife and fun, main ingredients, capable of attracting many young people from all over the world every year. Paradise beaches, elegant nightclubs and beach bars with DJs and international parties at all hours of the day and night: Mykonos legitimately earned the nickname “party island”, the party island, and in terms of fun, you can Compete with the famous Ibiza. Mykonos is known for its beautiful beaches and small white villages, but mainly for its vibrant and dynamic nightlife and beach parties. Join us on a tour of the best nightclubs where you can have fun all night to the rhythm of entertaining DJ sets.

Mykonos nightlife, this great club consists of three different rooms and a large pool, all framed by spectacular music, performed by leading international DJs, entertainment shows, and fireworks. Between the parties not to miss the “full moon party” that takes place every month, and the great celebration of late summer until the end of September, during which the best DJs take turns on stage to greet the audience. The offer for nightly entertainment is very diverse, the party atmosphere mixed with the transgression is felt in every corner of the island. It is impossible not to have fun in Mykonos!

The modern and elegant beach clubs that offer music of all kinds, mainly dance hits and do not close before dawn, a cosmopolitan and fun atmosphere, between wild parties and drag queen shows: Mykonos is definitely the most lively and crazy nightlife for the whole Greece.

The nightlife of Mykonos is quite varied and ranges from the most popular nightclubs, cafes, and small and elegant bars. For quieter nights, head to the Little Venice Mykonos Town district also called Chora, where there are a lot of atmospheric bars that overlook the sea. From here, a multitude of small streets unfolds towards the center of the city, with lovely views and houses with the typical white and blue colors, which are assaulted by the young people at dusk. In this scenario perfect for postcards, display a multitude of small taverns, souvenir shops, but especially discos and bars.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Mykonos

1. Paradise Club: Located on the beach of Paradise Beach, the Paradise Club is considered the most famous nightclub in Mykonos and is assaulted daily by a thick festive crowd, which meets on this beach to have a cocktail and dance or listen to house, techno, and rock music, from the afternoon until the early morning.

2. Queen of Mykonos: elegant but not too pretentious, at night this elegant cocktail bar attracts the young and the beautiful, which are grouped around the high tables outside. Exclusive artisan cocktails are worth it, especially those that involve champagne. There is some DJ action later at night, but for many, this is a place of night warming before arriving at one of the mega-clubs outside the city.

3. Super Paradise Beach Club: Super Paradise attracts a contingent of hardcore celebrities, models, and clubbers with their DJ night sets. During the day, things are softer, ideal to rest a little on the sand with a drink in hand. Music usually starts in the evenings, although spontaneous parties are known to explode at any time. Regular transfers to/from the city of Mykonos.

4. Tropicana Beach Bar: Located in Paradise Beach, the Tropicana Beach Bar is one of the best known for its parties in Mykonos, a true institution for its wild beach parties that attract many young people who come from all over Europe with the only purpose to have fun. The party starts every day from 4 pm. Continue throughout the afternoon until late at night. Hour after hour, alcohol, fun, and music grow more and more, involving the entire beach in a big party.

5. Cavo Paradiso: Located on a hill overlooking the Paradise Bay and with an impressive view of the sea, the Cavo Paradiso nightclub is another highlight of the Mykonos nightlife. Here the party starts around 2.00 and continues until dawn. Cavo Paradiso, besides being considered one of the most beautiful clubs in Mykonos, is undoubtedly the most expensive: the entrance can cost 30 or 40 euros. Inside, the club has a swimming pool and a huge dance floor of 3000 square meters where you dance outdoors and where internationally renowned DJs follow on the console. Cavo Paradiso often presents live performances by various artists from the world of music.

6. Scandinavian bar: the nightlife of Mykonos Since 1978, the Scandinavian bar has remained one of the most popular and popular nighttime meeting places on the island. A must for many young people and tourists who start their afternoons: the bar serves a variety of cocktails and good music, ranging from dancing, rock, and carefree songs.

7. Kalua Beach Bar: Paranga Beach, the Kalua is a beach bar that, during the day, offers fresh and cheap seafood, to eat by the sea. After dark, however, the DJs get the music and the party stops just after dawn.

8. Babylon Mykonos: another friendly gay dance music club along with the latest hits of the moment.

9. Remezzo: With a terrace with a magnificent view of the port of Mykonos, the Remezzo is a club, elegant and refined restaurant and bar, which, despite its small size, always attracts a good crowd of people who come to dinner. watching the sunset, then the night continues with music.

10. Guzel Mykonos Club: Located near the waterfront and open until dawn, the Guzel is a well-established club in the nightlife of Mykonos, offering excellent dancers and a mix of international and Greek music. The place is a super modern environment, with people dancing at the tables and at the bar. It’s the kind of place where at the end of the night you feel like you’re partying with a group of close friends.