The best night clubs and Nightlife in Milan

Milan It is not only the capital of fashion and business but also the Italian city with the greatest nightlife! Nightlife in Milan, bars, and clubs in Milan is open mainly 7 days a week, but the best schedule is from Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday is a paradise for students since they can get special discounts by showing their ID cards, therefore, this day is called enrollment afternoons. If you are in nightclubs, usually a drink would cost between 7 and 10 euros, but you will get a free drink with the entrance ticket. You will be given a cad while you enter and you can pay for the drinks you had when you left. It is important that you take care of the card, otherwise you will have to pay a fine. There are clubs in Milan that offer you a snack, so make sure you know it well. If you are looking to experience the nightlife at an affordable price, you can visit the social centers that offer live concerts, music, and dancing at a much lower cost. To give a good start to your evening, you can visit the Teatro Alla Scala for a cultural evening.

Milan is, in fact, a young and cosmopolitan city, capable of offering a wide variety of cultural and nightly entertainment. Its architectural heritage, its old town, designer shops and boutiques, its commercial and financial activities make Milan one of the most famous Italian cities in the world. Its intense nightlife is no exception and offers entertainment for all ages, whether you want to have a drink with friends, whether you want to dance in the disco until the wee hours of the morning. Every day of the week you can find clubs and open pubs that organize various events. The slogan is elegance and sophistication: exclusive and elegant premises in Milan by storm. Always VIP, celebrities, soccer players, and models that should have fun and especially be noticed. You can find bars and clubs that are open every day of the week, but the best days are Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesday is mainly dedicated to “afternoons of enrollment”, in which students can take advantage of special discounts.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Milan

1. Emporio Armani Caffe: Clubs and salons very refined, located in the area of fashion, commercial music, R&B, and electronics with live DJs from Thursday to Saturday until 4 in the morning. The prices of the drinks are quite high. Attention: the kitchen closes during the summer season from mid-May.

2. Hollywood: Located in Corso Como, Hollywood is the nightclub frequented by celebrities, fashion, and entertainment characters: here it is easy to meet models, footballers, and VIPs. The club is known worldwide and represents a true point of reference for nightlife. Hollywood is frequented by people of all ages, usually 18 to 40 years old, and offers nights and events throughout the year. The entrance can be expensive depending on the proposed event. The club is frequented by many tourists.

3. Magazzini Generali: General Stores is one of the most famous nightclubs in Milan. This not only exhibits the best Italian and world DJs, but the club also organizes concerts with thousands of people. The club, opened since 1995 and located within a complex of old warehouses dating from the early ‘900, is distributed on two floors, a third opened a few years ago. Around it, the club extends on terraces, corridors, and balconies. Famous night Restart Friday, with electronic music and concerts. General stores are closed during the summer season.

4. Gattopardo Cafè: elegant-style disco, located in an old converted church, with columns and marble floors, in the middle of which is a huge chandelier. The night begins at 6:00 pm with the appetizer, and then we dance until 5:00 to the rhythm of popular music, house, and rebirth. The Leopard Cafe usually organizes private events, gala dinners, and trendy parties.

5. Alcatraz: located in an old industrial warehouse, the Alcatraz is a large disco and concert hall, with three large rooms with hundreds of square meters of space to dance and with capacity for about 2000 people. The place often hosts large concerts by international artists, while normal programming includes bands from around the world and bands from 9.30 pm to midnight, and later disco with dance music and shopping center on Fridays and Saturdays. Until 00.30 women pay 8 euros and 12 men with a drink included.

6. Tocqueville: The Tocqueville is another very popular nightclub in the Corso Como area, which mainly offers house and commercial music. Also here you can find VIPs, beautiful girls and Milanesi offspring.

7. Old Fashion: Located in the Palazzo dell’Arte di Milano in the Parco Sempione, the Old Fashion is a restaurant that is a chic, busy nightclub, especially during summer evenings. Ideal for snacks that to dance until the wee hours of the morning, the club also has a garden and an outdoor dance floor. Attracting international clientele. Monday is the best night.

8. Just Cavalli Cafè: Located in the Branca Tower within the Sempione Park, the Just Cavalli Cafè is a very elegant restaurant and club, owned by designer Roberto Cavalli, located in a glass and metal structure. The refined design of the lounge bar is close to excellent cuisine, with high-quality dishes. After dinner, you can dance in the morning. Very good on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at night.

9. LoolaPaloosa: The Loola Paloosa is another popular club located in Corso Como. The place is frequented by customers of all ages and can offer lots of fun, party, and people dancing at the tables. Every Tuesday night “Coyote Ugly”, where beautiful girls in shorts and blouses dancing at the bar pouring alcohol directly into the customers’ mouths.

10. Black Hole: The Black Hole is a disco with 3 sales, a concert space, and a summer garden. Here you can dance immersed in an environment of innovative style, for whose console is a succession of many Italian artists and internationally known. Inside there are some private areas of the living room with comfortable sofas. The proposed music ranges from dark and gothic rock music, a commercial music house. During the weekend, the Black Hole organizes theme parties.