The best night clubs and Nightlife in Nightlife in Marrakech

Marrakech is famous in Morocco for its nightlife activities, but don’t expect to find much in Western-style clubs. Morocco is, after all, an Islamic country and nightclubs that tend to be oriented towards visitors and are mainly in hotels, and music tend to be a mixture of western pop music and Moroccan hits, some local girls who hang out there are prostitutes. So tread carefully. European tourists have come to Marrakech for a long time, pursuing a fantasy of exotic Moroccan culture. I really love cobras and piles up colorful spices in pyramids that defy gravity. But for the past three years, another type of tourist has been visiting Morocco.

Marrakesh Nightlife is a discreet affair that takes place strictly behind closed doors. However, once you are safe inside, the party begins to sway to the rhythm of the gnaoua. Moroccan standards, Marrakech has a reputation for its nightlife, which encompasses modern nightclubs up to traditional belly dancing. The medina offers conventional activities during the night in the form of cafes, food stalls, and street entertainment, everything revolves around Jemaa-el-Fna.

The nightlife in Marrakech is that some of the hotels have rooftop cafes overlooking the square, while many of the riads have become luxury restaurants that offer the complete Moroccan experience, which includes a large party, music, and dance. However, keep in mind that it is not a common custom to drink alcohol outdoors. In bars that sell alcoholic beverages, drinkers consume beer inside and glasses of coffee on the terrace. Hidden from view on the outskirts of the city, clubs are a place for locals and tourists to let off steam and enjoy really funky rhythms. Get ready for a unique brand of Marrakech chaos!

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Marrakesh

1. Dar Anika: located in Arset La Maach near Mellah Square. It is an excellent place for a romantic drink or a day drinking on the rooftop level. The staff is very friendly and, if the owner is nearby, will check their guests to make sure they feel taken care of and are enjoying the space.

2. Le Tanjia: Tanjia is a beautiful decoration and a large rooftop patio, another place to enjoy dinner and fantastic views.

3. Kosy Bar: it has a large rooftop patio that offers you a fantastic view of the Medina at sunset. It’s a bit more expensive than other places in the area, but it’s still an excellent place to dine and have a bottle of wine. Kosy Bar is across from Mellah Plaza.

4. Mama Afrika: flavors of Saharan Africa that you need to come here. The decor is modern and the food is excellent if you want to try something besides the local cuisine. The scene is young with local musicians, which makes it one of their favorite meeting places.

5. 68 Bar a Vin: Wine is by the glass and food is also available. Smoking is allowed, so it may be something you want to be aware of if you are sensitive to smoke. The club is not your thing and you are simply looking for a good place to have a drink with friends and have good wine, this is the place

6. Barometre: The location that has just opened but is also becoming quite popular is Barometre. The location has a dark and smoky atmosphere, but the design is modern. Cocktails are expensive, but they are generous in the size of their drinks. Also, you have to try their burgers!

7. L’envers: This place is quite new in Marrakech, but among its drinks at a good price and its tapas for the modern art that you can buy on the walls, it is becoming a staple in nightlife.

8. Theatro: Theatro is a fantastic nightclub that has amazing performances with dancers, acrobats, and more every weekend. I’ve been there to see international and local DJs play while Gnawa musicians take the stage to create a crazy remix with the drums.

9. La Perle Skybar: charming rooftop bar overlooking the La Mamounia hotel. They have a live band that plays salsa music accompanied by dancers, so if you want to get some Latin flavor in the city, this is the place to visit.

10. SO Lounge: they have regularly scheduled food and live music service: singers and bands. It’s expensive, so if you have a limited budget, choose to have dinner somewhere else and go to the party later. Bottle what you want and enjoy on the roof of your riad.