The best night clubs and Nightlife in Malmö

The nightlife in Malmö is amazing with lively pubs, coffee shops, discos, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters. The quiet atmosphere of the night is filled with music in the bars. The smoke condition of the casinos tickles you to try your luck in the bet. In more rural areas, the nights are usually quiet. From August to June, the Royal Ballet performs in Stockholm. Music and theater productions take place in many cities during the summer in outdoor places.

Goteborg is still trapped in the ‘cheesy’ Scandinavian area, which means that almost all clubs are playing pop tunes of clubs and Nordic cheesy tracks. Most of the clubs are in Avenyn, but they are worth exploring. There are really good pubs here, Irish, English, Spanish, but the drinks are not cheap. In the evenings, especially on weekends, this place is one of the hottest in Gothenburg, with lots of parties!

The most modern and attractive dance club in the area is Slagthuset, Jörgen Köcksgatan. It is located inside the red brick facilities of what was conceived in the 19th century as a slaughterhouse of cattle and pigs, in a place directly behind the train station. This high energy and highly commented place now function as the biggest dance club in Scandinavia.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Nightlife in Malmö

1. Far i Hatten: right in the center of Folkets Park, Far i hatten is a popular summer gathering place that transforms from elegant casual coffee during the day in a wonderful country illuminated outdoor one night. There are a huge beery patio and even a ping pong table!

2. Söder om Småland: Depending on how you feel about the whole hipster issue, you will love or detest this very hipsters articulation, whose name means ‘South of Småland’. The decor is fresh and clean, beers, IPAs, and occasional, random and eclectic live music. If you are looking for handsome and hairy Vikings, look no further.

3. Pickwick Pub: cozy traditional pub with Chesterfield chairs and a cozy fireplace.

4. Victors: attractive to a crowd of 30 and older, Victors prepares glamorous cocktails at Lilla Torg with light snacks late at night available to accompany your drink.

5. Deep: Malmö’s best bet for gay clubbers, ‘Fame’ starts the weekend on Friday nights, while Malmö’s oldest LGBT night, ‘Wonk’, fills the crowd on Saturdays.

6. Mello Yello: located in Lilla Torg, with pleasant snacks and an almost always lively atmosphere. Mello Yello serves decent but expensive burgers to accompany her impressive list of cocktails and live music and occasional DJs.

7. Grand Öl & Mat: Announced as a meeting place for food, drinks, culture, and events, the Grand is a popular night weekend place in summer, with live performances and DJs of different genres.

8. Pickwick Pub: cozy traditional pub with Chesterfield chairs and a cozy fireplace.

9. Malmö Brewing Co. & Taproom: While you don’t traditionally think of this Swedish city as Hipster City, one of Malmö’s best bars is actually a craft brewery. You can try 42 different drinks on tap, which is a great way to start the night.

10. Bastard: one of the best craft beer bars in Sweden, head to Bastard to fill you with tasty food and stronger cocktails. They are famous for the Bastard dish, which comes with sausages, pate, sausages, rillettes, and delicious sourdough bread. Eat, then go out on the dance floor to sweat everything.