The best night clubs and Nightlife in Los Angeles

Los Angeles sets the standard for world-class nightlife with extravagant spaces, exciting new themes, and vibrant decor. The places do not skimp on expenses to attract the most popular crowds, and the promoters work tirelessly to book the best international DJs and leading artists to entertain partygoers every night. Los Angeles is not the proud holder of the city that never sleeps the title, it does not mean that its nightlife is missing. Theaters, music venues, comedy clubs, night clubs, cocktail bars, and dives can be found throughout the city, and each main neighborhood has more than a few hotel options to rest before heading out again. Here are six key and passable neighborhoods to enjoy the nightlife of Los Angeles. The nightlife in Los Angeles is a playground for all celebrities, and stylish stylists begin the latest fashion trends in red carpets and dance floors in the most popular places in Los Angeles. Dance clubs, live music and comedy venues, cocktail lounges and sports bars, the list of places to enjoy the excitement of nightfall in Los Angeles are endless, so go out tonight and experience the Best of Los Angeles nightlife!

Downtown Los Angeles has expanded its nightlife, with offers such as the reopened and renovated Clifton’s, the informal Slipper Clutch, the Mikkeller beer bar, and its neighbor Prank, not to mention the countless restaurant options. The city center is well connected by the Los Angeles subway system, which makes it easy to get around without a car.  West Hollywood is full of people during Pride and Halloween, but it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for nightlife, whether you’re hanging out in the LGBTQ friendly area of Santa Monica Boulevard or watching a band at Sunset Strip Perhaps the most cliché tourist destination on the list, Hollywood has plenty of nightlife to enjoy, and is accessible through the Los Angeles subway. Hot spots include the Avalon and The Sayers Club nightclubs. The best part of staying in Koreatown is that when you finish the party, there is always good food late at night. Favorite nightlife venues include the Beer Belly craft beer bar, The Wiltern historic venue, the Brass Monkey casual karaoke venue, the Lock & Key cocktail bar, and the magnificent Prince lounge.  Staying in Venice means you can spend the day at the beach and enjoy its abundant nightlife after sunset. Abbot Kinney has plenty to eat and drink, including the acclaimed Gjelina or The Otheroom beer/wine bar. Elsewhere, fine food and cocktails for the nightly breakfast at the Nighthawk Breakfast Bar or at the Gastropub Venice Ale House. In downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach has a fun nightlife of its own. There are many hotels near the water, which induces the retired ocean liner Queen Mary, which is technically in the water. The nightlife includes The Federal Bar, Blind Donkey, the informal Stache Bar, and Beachwood BBQ and Brewing, where food and beer are equally impressive.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in   Los Angeles

1. 1 Oak: Oak took over the historic Key Club-Gazzarri building on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The new owners transformed the space of the bare bones of the rocker to the elegance of the designer with a New York atmosphere. Live bands have been predominantly replaced by the best DJs and the return of the disco ball. There is a minimum bar food menu.

2. Bootsy Bellows: You really have to meet someone to enter this West Hollywood club, especially on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturday nights. A tribute to the mother of actor David Arquette, who was a burlesque dancer and pinup model, Bootsy Bellows is an intimate glamorous dance club of the 60s with live music, DJs, and spooky puppets with occasional burlesque shows.

3. Tower Bar at Sunset Tower Hotel: Tower Hotel in West Hollywood and spent time in its Tower Bar during its historical history, and remains a popular gathering place for celebrities on the A list and industry promoters and agitators. It is a classy articulation that remains quite true to its Art Deco roots.

4. Warwick: The best nights at this Hollywood club are Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Celebrities and other exclusive customers feel at home in this vast warehouse of brick walls with chandeliers hanging from wooden beams and comfortable sofas all over the place, but all seats are basically bottle service.

5. The Argyle: The Argyle is committed to the old school mega glamor with huge chandeliers, Art Deco details, and disco lights. It can be a zoo, and zookeepers have a very strict door policy. Inside, they make the hottest party in the city. If you do not look, you do not enter. Even really famous people over a certain age are rejected.

6. Sayers Club: it is a bar full of people with DJs and popular musical acts, but there is no real dance floor. It’s not that a Los Angeles club needs a reason to keep the line from moving, but this place is so small and crowded that the owners really have to keep people out until someone else leaves.

7. THE CONGA ROOM: Live music and plenty of space on the dance floor have made The Conga Room a privileged place for Latino lovers since 1998. The Conga Room is a pleasant place located in the heart of Los Angeles Live in downtown Los Angeles. A fixed element in nightlife, the club is owned by some famous names, including Jennifer Lopez, of Black-Eyed Peas, Jimmy Smits, and NBA star Baron Davis. The owners are an eclectic group, which means that the club reserves many different musical talents, from great Latinos like Willie Colon to the best DJs. And from time to time, superstars like Drake, Justin Timberlake or Kendrick Lamar appear to play.

8. NIGHTINGALE PLAZA: Nightingale Plaza is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, it always attracts a multitude of people who take the party seriously. Nightingale Plaza is the latest version of the West Hollywood party space that was once Greystone Manor. SBE, the conglomerate of restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels that owns this place, transformed the West Hollywood space into what they call “an elite Hollywood nightclub.” It has everything: restaurants, DJ, dance, private rooms, and even a garden area. Open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at night, Nightingale Plaza is also open other nights for private events.

9. HARVELLE’S: Harvelle’s is one of Los Angeles’s classic live music nightclubs. Harvelle’s is a Los Angeles favorite for live blues, rock, and alternative music. In business since 1931, this Santa Monica landmark used to be a dark and smoke-filled dive, but today it has become sophisticated. The striking black and white decoration give the place a retro and fresh atmosphere, with the stage highlighted by its dark red curtain curtain. When popular bands come to play, the place gets stuck to the beams, so you may want to arrive early to secure a seat. Whether you prefer the avant-garde sounds of new rock artists or the more traditional riffs of some of today’s best live blues musicians, you will surely hear something fantastic at Harvelle’s.

10. THE MINT: A staple of live music since 1937, The Mint is always packed with rock, funk, and alternative bands, seven nights a week. One of the classic clubs in Los Angeles, The Mint is a small place with great sound. The place full of music has packed them since 1937, with only a small stage, a tiny dance floor, and a long and cozy bar and cabins. You can eat something in the back, but why not join the crowd from the beginning while approaching bands that range from New Orleans favorites like Trombone Shorty, Marcia Ball, and Rebirth Brass Band to promising new ones? In addition, you never know who could appear on stage here; Everyone from Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake to Bonnie Raitt and Tom Jones has honored this classic set. And it’s real music here.