The best night clubs and Nightlife in London

London Nightlife is known for never sleeping. With a wide range of clubs, artistic events, and districts that come alive after dark, there is a place for all the tastes of party animals. London is widely known for its varied and colorful nightlife, not only on weekends but also during weekdays. Tourists will find areas, neighborhoods, pubs, bars, and clubs for all tastes and moods. Before planning a night in the city, keep in mind that most pubs close at 11 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Bars, on the other hand, generally close between midnight and 1:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and weekends and clubs generally remain open until 4 a.m. However, it is possible to find some clubs open until 7 or 8 am, for example, Fabric. While many areas of the city apparently have no life during the day, once the sun goes down, the streets really come alive. With world-class music and trendy bars and clubs frequented by celebrities, there is a unique feeling of excitement that comes from experiencing London’s nightlife.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in London

1. THE NEST: Firmly established as a Dalston heavyweight club, state-of-the-art lighting, and a very close clubbing experience are two things that make an unforgettable night at the Nest. Reminiscent of the underground vaults in the “Tresor” in Berlin, the atmosphere does not disappoint. Prepare to get lost, release, and lose your inhibitions.

2. VILLAGE UNDERGROUND: old wagons of pipes perched on the roof, secret arches, a shocking sound system, and an impressively large dance floor: there is much to love about this club in East London. In a city populated by music venues that pride themselves on having “character” when they are really a bit moody, this place is a breath of fresh air that overflows charm. And the crowd is eclectic, which makes it very simple. Exposed brick enthusiasts, delight your eyes and get lost in the underground world of Village Underground.

3. STUDIO SPACES: European-minded dance floor, everyone comes here for the dance. They know who the DJs are and they know the tricks that are being played. The rough space has high ceilings, a reduced warehouse aesthetic, and an undemanding aura that guarantees that it is about music. Often, with all-night jumps from DJs and globetrotters who are attracted to Hydra, we greet you.

4. JAZZ CAFE: Recently restored by its new owners, the Columbo Group, with a fresh look and much more than a coat of paint, the Jazz Cafe is everything a jazz bar should be: intimate, imperturbable, and in love with the music. What’s more, there is a decent-sized dance floor, which means it’s not usual at the table and the head shake you’d expect on average jazz night.

5. XOYO: XOYO loves nothing more than a big party. Thanks to a reserve selection that pays little attention to gender, but instead focuses on providing the most punctual nights, their spirit of substance over style has rightfully earned them their reputation as one of the most innovative places our city offers. Two separate dance floors mean that clubbers can bump into and grind with some classic blows in room two, or lose their heads in the smoky confines of the basement.

6. CORSICA STUDIOS: location for an honest boogie in a healthy disco. You may be pleasantly surprised when you discover that this nonprofit place is a breeding ground for creativity and, unlike your neighbor, “Ministry of Sound,” attracts a more demanding and partisan crowd. Add your impeccable Funktion One sound systems to the equation and we will become a true winner. The smoking area also deserves a small mention, since it is a complete environment; Take a break and you will meet a lot of friendly faces.

7. THE MOTH CLUB: a gold mine of retro charm, this former club of servicemen has received a new life opportunity as a fashionable place. Still retaining much of its original decoration, although, with a lot of brightness, former regular customers can still be found drinking at the Moth Club bar. Go for the cozy atmosphere, the fascinating golden roof, and the G & Ts as big as your head.

8. PRINCE OF WALES: Experienced party-goers from South London will frequent the Prince of Wales of Brixton on a regular basis, and we don’t blame them. It is a pub, a disco, a restaurant, and a rooftop terrace at the same time, which means you can eat, drink and dance to your liking while enjoying its beauty outdoors at one of its popular parties on the terrace of summer.

9. PHONOX: one of the best things that happened to the London nightclub scene in the last year. Its utopian goal of creating a community of like-minded clubbers gives the space an almost affable neighborhood feeling. Snapchat demons can find the “no phones on the dance floor” policy a bit pretentious, but here, it’s about music. The club has had people like Kerri Chandler and Omar S at the head of the DJ booth during the past year, with 2017 looking to be just as big.

10. BLOC: the place is on the rise, and comes from the minds behind the infamous Bloc Festival. Don’t let small and slightly expensive beers discourage you, which Bloc lacks a cheap hoop that makes up for its stellar bills. From Carl Craig until the nightclubs of Todd Terje, they have won a devoted clientele of ravers and DJs alike.