The best night clubs and Nightlife in Lisbon

Lisbon has a vibrant nightlife, which runs along the cobbled streets of Chiado, watches the sunrise over the Tagus River, and serenades the stars from the rooftop bars in the fragrant and warm night air. There are dens for young people and clubs for locals; Old favorites like O Pavilhão Chinês and newcomers like Praia no Parque, where dinner continues without stopping at the dance. Once one of the least visited destinations in Europe, the bustling nightlife of Lisbon was a secret known only to a few strangers. Since tourism exploded, many come here for cheap beers and the opportunity to have fun all night. But, wherever it is, the dark and narrow streets of Lisbon, the bright river, and the domed horizon illuminated by the moon, have a magical and enigmatic quality that gives the night city its own character.

With the capital that houses everything from lovely little bars nestled in narrow streets uphill to rooftops competing for the best views of the city, it is almost difficult to choose where to go these days. When it comes to the electronic music scene, Lisbon competes with cities like Berlin and London. A center for international students, it also has a variety of fun and affordable places. A classic route begins in the Bairro Alto neighborhood, before descending to Rua Cor-de-Rosa and reaching the biggest clubs. However, it would be criminal to reduce a night out in Lisbon to a few places, since there are so many other places that cannot be missed when you are in the city. However, one tip: be prepared to start the night late and drink in moderation, because Lisboetas only goes home when the sun rises.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Lisbon

1. Lust in Rio: Lust in Rio is a bit more elegant than most clubs in Lisbon. If you want to mix with beautiful and fashionable people, this is your place. Gorillas are strict, so make sure you dress well before you go. Located near Cais do Sodré, Lust offers an exclusive view of the riverbank while serving different crowds. Every night has a theme Wednesday’s Swag On parties are for hip-hop and R&B lovers, while Brazilian funk fans head here on Thursdays to the popular Pegadinha.

2. Sabotage Club: Rock, rock, and more rock. That’s all you hear in Sabotage since it opened in April 2013. There are concerts on Thursdays and Saturdays, almost always by national rock bands with an original repertoire, but occasionally open on other days. The music ranges from indie-pop to stoner, garage, and psych-rock. In the end, it is a club for those who kneel on the six-string altar of the electric guitar.

3. Festas Mina: providing a much-needed alternative to the super famous LGBTQ Trumps club, the relatively new Mina brings together the queer community of Lisbon and the electronic music scene in a series of epic underground events. The location of each part is only revealed 24 hours in advance, so confirm your attendance and be attentive.

4. MusicBox: These days, Musicbox has a more eclectic agenda than ever: Tropicante Dance makes you dance to the rhythm of the cumbia, Noite Príncipe is all about Afroelectronics heard in the suburbs of Lisbon and alternative exhibits like the Musicbox Heineken series brings emerging international and club artists established to the city. He is also known for being one of the clubs that remain open last, even when the rest of the bars in Cais do Sodré are already throwing out their latest customers.

5. Lux: the most famous club in the city. Expect electronic music, two dance floors, and a rooftop terrace that is perfect for watching the sunrise. The line can be a deterrent from 2.30 in the morning when things start to be really interesting.

6. Tokyo: Located on Pink Street in Cais do Sodré, Tokyo offers quality live music every night, with several artists who come here on the weekends for some improvised wonderful and improvised sessions. Friday nights are particularly popular, and the place tends to attract a larger crowd.

7. Incognito: in this historic space, which includes a ground floor and a basement, where the dance floor is, the music is generally independent. Win Butler himself. It was the first alternative place in the city. It is usually open until 4 a.m. And the weekends

8. Ministerial Club: Located in the former Ministry of Finance building, this club was opened in 2012 and generally opens only on Saturdays. Gradually it has become a reference in the electronic scene of the city, with national and international names of techno and house music that sound every weekend. There is also a monthly LGBT night, Spit & Polish.

9. Metropolis: Metropolis is practically the only thing left in the abandoned Imaviz Shopping Center, one of the city’s historic shopping centers, founded in the early 1970s. To get to this club, or more exactly, to this crypt of rock, you must go down to the basement and walk through several unoccupied stores, in itself an interesting experience. Then, let yourself be carried away by the only important thing here, rock, with homage nights to bands like Nirvana, Rammstein or Depeche Mode.

10. Club 5A: perfect for exercising without going to the gym, that is, dancing after 5 hours Club, located in the area of Principe Real, has excellent drinks and musical selections selected by Match Attack. That means good electronic dance music, several independent artists, and a good underground spirit.