The best night clubs and Nightlife in Hamburg

Nightlife Hamburg is young, dynamic, and unconventional, the Hanseatic city has much to offer in terms of nightlife. From the bustling nightlife in the famous Reeperbahn to the jazz clubs and historic sites that have housed the legendary Beatles, this is where to spend your nights in Hamburg! Hamburg, Germany, is the best place in the world to go out at night, ranking it higher than cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, and Barcelona. Underground and above ground, in the skies and in the water, Hamburg’s nightlife takes you to the best parts of the city and guarantees you an evening that you will not easily forget. Some of the most exciting nightlife places in Hamburg can be found out of the ordinary. Below the main shopping street is the luxurious Privileg, the most exclusive club in Hamburg decorated by the largest private aquarium in Europe. Near the Le Lion Bar in Paris, there is a sophisticated place that offers some of the best cocktails in the country. Fabrik, a renovated factory building of red brick and steel, is one of the most popular concert venues in the city. And the main current location for young and urban party goers is the Moloch, located in the modern district of the city of Hafen.

The Top club’s Nightlife in Hamburg

Nightlife in Hamburg

1. Grosse Freiheit 36: the most popular place to experience the best nightlife in Hamburg. If you go and ask someone about the best place to spend an amazing night in Hamburg, then you will only be informed about Grosse Freiheit 36. Located on the liveliest street in Reeperbahn, it is a place of live music that is visited by several people every night. Also, The Beatles showed up here!

2. Karoviertel: Karoviertel is a street known for its cafés and cocktail bars. If you are visiting Hamburg with your family or partner and want to get rid of loud music and the crowd, be here to spend the night slowly and easily! This is another good nightlife area of Hamburg.

3. Docks: Do you want to know why The Metallica called it the best damn club in the world? Well, Docks was a popular movie theater a long time ago. Later it became a club giving space to more than 1500 music lovers. The DJ here plays all kinds of favorite music and has witnessed David Bowie’s live concerts and more. And the most important reason why you can’t miss Docks is the fact that it is the heart of the most famous Reeperbahn festival!

4. Gaengeviertel: If you are one of those nocturnal whose crazy minds work at night to create something that defies the meanings of beauty and understanding, then this is the place for you. For all those artists and art lovers, this has been the favorite place since time immemorial. On the day Gaengeviertel is just a group of buildings where artists and coffee studios breathe. But during the night, the place becomes a magical world of artists! Gaengeviertel was even awarded as a UNESCO heritage site!

5. Herzblut: Start the night well! This is a perfect combination of a luxurious restaurant, bar and club. While you will be surprised by the impeccable interior of the place designed by Jordan Mozer, extraordinary food will satisfy your hunger for exotic food! Once you have finished savoring the dishes and enjoying the special cocktail, you can go to the dance floor to have some more fun. This is one of the best nightlife areas in Hamburg to go with your family or partner.

6. Privileg: Those looking for highly sophisticated and high-class experiences should go to The Privileg. It is one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the city. It is located in the basement of the Hyatt Hotel and offers a first-class nightlife experience. Enjoy the atmosphere of the place, enjoy drinks, and spend an unforgettable night here. This is one of the best places for a lovely nightlife in Hamburg.

7. Rote Flora: this theater is home to all kinds of artistic inventories. So, if you are a person who is interested in witnessing some serious and important things that happen at night, then this is the place for you. It has been the home of the squatters for a long time. Take your gang of artists here, visit the clubs, make new friends, create art, and spend a lovely night!