The best night clubs and Nightlife in Gothenburg

Gothenburg nightlife has a lot to offer, so finding the right place can be complicated. Especially if you want to find the less conventional places of the main boulevard Avenyn. In this guide, you will find a selection of classic establishments, as well as alternative places in Gothenburg. The nightlife in Gothenburg is explosive with fun and exotic entertainment. The city at night is on fire with a multitude of international energy and the streets are full of people from all cultures and eclectic parts of the world! Different cultural events have captured a huge amount of social nightlife here in Gothenburg. It’s like the balloon has shrunk in your backyard!

You can find almost anything you are looking for in this surprisingly extraordinary city if you look hard enough. You can search and find funk hip hop concerts in the basement of the city, social parties in the best nightclubs, burlesque shows, slow jazz nights in a corner bar, Latin dance nights, gothic and metal club events, even in hipster clubs. Street. There are everything and anything you could want, but if you don’t know how to find what you’re looking for; Gothenburg can be a complicated and exhausting maze or an obstacle course that can be difficult to traverse. That is why I have decided to write about the best places, prices, and age groups that people frequent quite often in Gothenburg!

The Top club’s Nightlife in Gothenburg

1. Brewers Beer Bar: Should you have an imperial black beer made with almonds, coffee, and vanilla, or a Saison with an infusion of guava? This is the kind of situation that Brewers throws at you, its 14 touches show some of the most exciting.

2. Juan Font: Channeling Spain with its Spanish melodies and its mural inspired by Picasso, contemporary Juan Font loves good Spanish wine. You will find around 40 to 50 wines per glass, including interesting drops.

3. Zamenhof: Zamenhof, modern, loft-type, incorporates three buzzing restaurants and front and rear bars. The latter is packed with retro arcade games and pinball machines, while the front bar includes the square side to see and be seen …

4. Champagne Baren: This champagne bar has an idyllic setting in an inner courtyard with irregular cobblestones, picturesque buildings, and lots of greenery. Along with glasses of champagne, there are dishes.

5. Ölhallen 7: This very worn Swedish brewery, the last one of its time, has not changed much in more than 100 years. It attracts an interesting mix of cyclists and ordinary people with its homely and friendly atmosphere.

6. NOBA Nordic Bar: With the old Scandinavian maps on the walls and a glazed beer patio with birch stumps for stools, this bar takes its Nordic beers very seriously.

7. Greta: adorned with memories of Greta Garbo, Greta’s is the dedicated gay club in Gothenburg, which offers extravagant Tiki parties, DJs, and other kitsch-a-licious fun on Fridays and Saturday nights.

8. Centro Bar: channeling a retro Italian espresso bar, the small center produces beans from the Roman roaster Peru, as well as a rotating toaster for guests. The curved counter is stirred.

9.Viktors Kaffe: With rotating exhibitions of local art, Viktor, discreet and neighbor, attracts coffee geeks with its offer of techniques for the development of the third wave, from V60 and Chemex to Aeropress.

10. Notting Hill: This nice and beautiful local pub between the districts of Haga and Linné, in a corner full of attractive beverage establishments, seems to have come from the Cotswolds.

11. Nefertiti: named quite incongruously by an Egyptian goddess, this Gothenburg institution is famous for its soft live jazz and blues, as well as disco nights ranging from techno and deep house to hip hop.