The best night clubs and Nightlife in Geneva

Nightlife in Geneva is reputed to be a more serious and elegant city, where the important issue of international significance is being irritated, but after the last hour, bankers, watchmakers, interns from international organizations, scientists, and tourists meet to have a beer or two in one of the many bars, pubs and local clubs, to have a drink, dance and have fun at night. Geneva is known as a quiet and quite tense place, and it is often said that the nightlife is better along the road in Lausanne. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time here, just expect to pay it. Here we break down the best clubs that Geneva offers, from exclusive dress clubs to impress, to those who are a bit more relaxed about footwear policy.

Many Geneva nightclubs are very specific and unusual, so you may need a bit of luck to find your favorite place. We will guide you through the most popular party areas and clubs. Get ready to spend a lot of money, as prices in Geneva nightclubs are often out of place! Thursdays and Fridays are the nights when all Geneva leaves and all the bars and clubs are filled with people, even if they go to work the next day. Usually, bars in Geneva are open until 2 a.m. and clubs until 5 a.m. Efforts are being made to extend the closing time of the clubs until 7 am. No smoking in all interior places.

The Top club’s Nightlife in Geneva



1. Brasserie des Halles de L’île: nice restaurant with pub and DJ, usually from Thursday to Saturday night. Perfectly located on the island of the Rhone River, exactly in the center of the city of Geneva. If you don’t want to be disappointed with a very poor meal below average and lazy service, don’t go there for brunch or dinner. On the other hand, it is nice to feel sitting in the middle of the island, indoors or outdoors, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of people and the river. People who come here are usually between 25 and 35 years old. The best time to go there is Thursday night when it is very lively. Have fun with your friends, enjoy and dance in the Lounge and House music with a good relaxed atmosphere and cold vibes, it’s the right place! The only disadvantage is that this is not a club, but a bar with a restaurant, so even if everyone is having fun and dancing on the floor, be prepared for the early closing at 2 am (Thursday to Saturday).

2. Cave12: Experimental electronic music, you can sit and watch and listen to people with various instruments playing live music. Usually, they don’t use the instruments the way you are supposed to use them. It is experimental and unique.

3. La Graviere: Opened in 2011, they have a very eclectic program. They invite the best of the underground music scene, live with DJs, such as Balkan Music Nights, Techno, Drum and Bass, Rock, hip hop. Mainly underground music. Admission: CHF 10 after midnight, free until midnight.

4. Le Kraken: Le Kraken is a beautiful cafe and modern bar. Located in a popular place for young people to go out during the weekend, which mainly serves cocktails, beers, and drinks, it is a very popular place for nightlife, always full during Fridays and Saturday nights.

During the day you can have a quiet coffee, tea, beer, or lunch here.

The atmosphere is a charming, massive wooden interior with a modern twist and the service is very pleasant.

5. Java Club: a very expensive and ultra-modern bar/club located in Grand Hotel Kempinski. Drinks start from 50 CHF. This is a place where the businessman comes after work and beautiful women come to have a drink.

6. Shakers: dance music of all kinds, mainly pop, hip hop, and modern music. On an underground dance floor, there is electronic music.

7. La Terrasse Bar: popular meeting place in summer, on the shores of Lake Geneva, outdoors, sitting on benches, or having a picnic on the lawn.

8. Bypass: an international club with DJ from around the world, famous for the music or soccer stars they visit. Playing mainly house, R’n’B and commercial music. Really young people, teenagers. The drinks are really expensive. Free admission before 0:30, after CHF 25.

9. Lady Godiva Pub: Located next to Plainpalais right in front of the university, Lady Godiva Pub is a busy place with many students who come here right after school. People here are usually between 20 and 30 years old, creating a living atmosphere. The interior is rock style, modern, open, spacious. The large TV screens on the walls are excellent for watching sports competitions, but there is also plenty of room to talk.

10. Silence: Club with all kinds of music, it’s not too fancy, but really great. Different from others. There are special theme nights sometimes, check the Darkside website or its FB. One night is pop music, another modern night, another house, electro, funk … People not very young, around 25-35 years. Entrance: CHF 15, drinks around CHF 18.

11. Phenomenon: Bar where you can go before going to the club. You can dance here from 10 pm. You can eat, drink and dance. The music is more pop, hip hop, dance music … No jazz or electro, sometimes 80’s.

Free entry.