The best night clubs and Nightlife in Dublin

Dublin’s nightlife is famous for its traditional pubs and excellent beer, including the famous Guinness, the Irish capital offers a young and lively nightlife. Here is the definitive guide to Dublin nightlife, the best nightclubs, and nightlife. Dublin is a young and very lively city and, it is no accident, for many years it has become a necessity for many young people who decide to take a few day’s trips abroad. Dublin’s main dance points are located in the city center and offer a wide range of tastes and musical atmospheres. Places like The Button Factory and The Academy have large dance areas that focus on the main stage and are often full of revelers. Places like The Workman’s Club and Lost Society have fabulous interiors that use their original house structures and offer an elegant alternative to normal club decoration. Dublin It has nothing to envy to other major European capitals, on the contrary, when night falls, the city becomes very lively and offers many nightly entertainment options even during the week. How to party, the Irish are good: in Dublin, there are countless clubs and nightclubs open every night, including the inevitable and typical pubs that represent a point of reference for Dublin’s nightlife. In fact, throughout Ireland, the pub is a true tradition and can be found on any street or intersection, from old and historic pubs in the most modern and trendy. Traditional Irish pubs or forms in an underground club, a night in Dublin can be in many different ways. But whatever your preference, we believe that one of the best nights of your life is in the store, and will inevitably involve cheap and cheap drinks, making friends with talkative locals, and impeccable live music at all times.

The Top club’s Nightlife in Dublin


1. St Patrick’s Festival: is held every year around March 17. During St. Patrick’s Day, the entire city turns green and beer literally flows into the rivers! The streets of Dublin, in fact, are filled with people dressed in layers and faces painted green, and you can enjoy great parades, performances with street performers, and, obviously, lots of drinks.

2. The Button Factory: Located in the heart of Temple Bar, Button Factory is one of Dublin’s busiest nightclubs. This club combining live music and DJ sets always has a full program of events and concerts. The dance floor is constantly full of young music fans, students, and partiers of all kinds. It hosts indie concerts, Irish folk music, and DJ techno depending on the night. It is a favorite among tourists looking for a place to dance in Dublin. Student nights offer excellent drinks and a musical program that ranges from indie to hip-hop.

3. Whelan: Hozier, Christy Moore, Glen Hansard, Mundy. Everyone started their career at Whelan’s, Dublin’s main live music venue. This Wexford Street institution draws a mix of old-school musicians and modern yopros that come through the jubilant atmosphere and the stellar and independent program. Head to the backroom, where there are usually two DJs on hand, for real fun. There is a free silent disco on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

4. Yamamori Tengu: hidden in the back of a top-notch sushi restaurant, Tengu is one of Dublin’s best clubs at the moment. Spread over two rooms, this avant-garde place is proud to have one of the best sound systems in the capital. Genres are a good combination, so if you’re more interested in R’n’B, disco, or techno, here’s one night. Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm until late.

5. The Workman’s Club: The award-winning Workman’s is another favorite spot for comedy, karaoke, and live music in downtown Dublin. This peculiar club of Georgian houses has an informal atmosphere, with multiple dance floors and a huge beer garden with its own Wowburger. Drink offers are also decent.

6. Café En Seine: The recently renovated Café En Seine should be the most impressive cocktail bar in the city. With its range of elegant art nouveau rooms spread over three floors, this elegant place is a popular choice among couples and large parties alike. His piece of resistance? The outdoor street garden designed to resemble a Parisian shopping street. A decent soundtrack and first-class service complete the completely glamorous experience.

7. Dame Tavern: On most nights, the entire Dame Lane is crowded with tippers that enter and leave The Stag’s Head, Mulligan and Haines, 4 Dame Lane, and The Mercantile. But our group choice is The Dame Tavern. Comfortable and always full, this vibrant pub serves one of the best black pints in Dublin.

8. 66th Street: during the day, you can immerse yourself in luxurious armchairs, play board games and socialize with local Dublin residents in this LGBTQ + dog-friendly bar. At night, the atmosphere changes gears. If you’re lucky, dear drag queen Pixie Woo could go to the decks and assault a classic gay anthem. Expect disco, funk, and reggae on other nights. There is an extensive menu of gin and whiskey, in addition to their usual beers and craft beers.

9. Opium Club: For what will seem like three nights in one, head to this versatile club on Wexford Street. Covering three floors, each with a different genre, the recently renowned Opium Club will keep you dancing to the rhythm of deep house, nu-disco, and ambient techno until the wee hours of the morning. They also organize live music and theme nights like Tiki Thursdays. The peculiar and vibrant decoration has the feel of a Manga novel.

10. The George: Bang in downtown George’s Street, this is the most iconic LGBTQ + place in Dublin. George has been running for 36 years and threw its symbolic weight behind the referendum on same-sex marriage in Ireland in 2015. The huge space has a large variety of dance floors with, particularly dazzling light screens. Expect gay hymns, drag nights, live music, and karaoke. The place to be yourself and meet locals and like-minded travelers.