The best night clubs and Nightlife in Denver

Nightlife in Denver

Denver’s nightlife is scorching. On any night, you will find local and national artists who play a wide range of genres in clubs throughout the metropolitan area. From the elegant halls and the hot spots in Larimer Square and LoDo to the vibrant dance floors of the South Colfax Nightlife District, The Mile High City knows how to relax and have fun in style. Denver closed at 5 p.m. with the exception of some pockets here and there. Today, that is hard to believe. Denver is a vibrant city of color, characters, sophistication, and extensive nightlife options on every street and in every neighborhood. There are lounges, discos, breweries, wineries, clandestine bars, and an increasing number of sophisticated cocktail lounges, all with meeting places that come alive when the sunsets. The Larimer Square area satisfies the sophisticated crowd with options like Corridor 44, the only Champagne bar in Denver. Uptown is home to Retrograde, just one of the city’s underground bars, while Highlands is home to another, Williams & Graham., As well as the old-school western bar. Dairy Block, near Coors Field, has become another center of nightlife, especially the underground Run For The Roses. In the northern quadrant of Denver, the western crowd of the country still packs the Grizzly Rose to dance online, listen to music, and challenge the mechanical bull. And at RiNo, nightlife options include Death & Co, the first outpost of the famous New York City cocktail bar. In short, Denver is happening in all areas, ages, genders, and tastes. If it is happening, it is happening here.

The Top club’s Nightlife in Denver

Nightlife in Denver


1. 54THIRTY ROOFTOP: Located on the 20th floor of the Le Meridien Denver Downtown hotel, 54Thirty offers panoramic views and a modern place to mix, mix, and have cocktails. Choose a seat under the awning, under the Colorado sky, or around the cozy fire pit. Wherever they gather, they will enjoy panoramic views of the urban landscape of Denver and the west towards the mountains, where the peaks bathed by the sunset or the moonlight are in full view. 54Thirty is perfect for a group of friends who enjoy the night, as well as for a couple looking for a sweet and cozy place to enjoy an evening drink. 54 Thirty is seasonal, mainly in the warm month, but occasionally also at other times, such as when large events occur at the nearby convention center, so call ahead during shoulder seasons. Because: 54Thirty is the spacious outdoor rooftop scene in downtown Denver, perfect for watching sunsets or sitting under the stars around a campfire.

2. GRIZZLY ROSE: Get on your cowpoke in Denver’s favorite honky-tonk lounge, where there is live music six nights a week. Some of the rising and already popular country-western stars also appear in concert at The Grizz. There is no doubt that this is THE place to boot-scooting and boogying. Although the club invites families and children under 21 at certain times, at other times it is only 21 or older, so check the schedule. The concerts are general admission, but those willing to jump for bottle service are guaranteed comfortable leather seats next to the stage. There is a full kitchen with a barbecue menu and more. Because: The Grizzly Rose has represented the western roots of Denver since 1989 and is still strengthening.

3. SOCO DISTRICT OF NIGHTLIFE: Club Vinyl. The church nightclub. Standard bar Milk. These are all places on Broadway or Lincoln south of Colfax. Each has its own vibe and perhaps a particular musical genre. Both Club Vinyl and The Church are open to people over 18. The others are for people over 21 years old. Milk, a self-proclaimed clandestine club, is an ode of nightlife to the movie A Clockwork Orange, which featured a famous milk bar. The music covers since the 80s and 90s, an alternative to Gothic and industrial. Those who are not sure of what they are in the mood for can buy a ticket for a club and also enter one of the others. All places offer a rooftop area. Because there are several clubs with multiple themes a few blocks from each other, creating a unique nightlife district.

4. WESTERN BAR: Located in the Highlands, Occidental Bar is the neighbor and unlikely brother of the exclusive Williams & Graham. Proudly and discreetly, Occidental gives dives a good name with their skilled waiters, excellent cocktails, and all the punk songs you love. Think about diving with just the right amount of class. To watch games, Occidental has big-screen televisions and if you’re a New York fan, this has become the place to see the Giants, Rangers, Knicks, Mets, and Yankees. Because: sometimes you want sophisticated and sophisticated, sometimes you want discreet and unpretentious. Occidental Bar is the last, giving a good name to the dives.

5. RETROGRADED: Located in the Uptown neighborhood of Denver, Retrograde is located behind a freezer door at the back of an ice cream shop. It is one of Denver’s best bets in the traditional underground genre. For starters, it is warm and welcoming, and without the annoying pretentious atmosphere of others. But if you just want to have a beer and watch the show projected on the wall when you leave. Because: Retrograde is Uptown’s access point for creative mixologists and waiters who know how to prepare a drink, whether traditional or ready to use.

6. CORRIDOR 44: While many nightspots cater to the young and restless, Corridor 44 takes advantage of singles and couples looking for a quieter and more elegant experience. It is not about how much you can drink, but about the quality of the drink and the experience itself. Yes, Corridor 44 attracts crowds and, yes, it has a modern aesthetic. Early in the night, you can play world music, followed by lounge tunes and then more typical club sounds as the night deepens. Because this is the only Champagne bar in Denver and an elegant and classy option for nightlife.

7. DEATH & CO DENVER: Denver is a vibrant city of color, characters, sophistication, and extensive nightlife options on every street and in every neighborhood. There are lounges, discos, breweries, wineries, clandestine bars, and an increasing number of sophisticated cocktail lounges, all with meeting places that come alive when the sunsets. The Larimer Square area satisfies the sophisticated crowd with options like Corridor 44, the only Champagne bar in Denver.

8. LA RUMBA: La Rumba has to do with Latin dance, both doing it and learning it. The club, for over 21 years, attracts a diverse crowd that spans multiple generations, cultures, and ethnicities, and plays various styles of Latin music, from salsa, bachata, and Cumbria to merengue and cha-cha. Channeling to South Beach and Havana, La Rumba transports dancers to a sensual Latin spot, even if Denver is just outside. And just as they would in South Beach or Havana, the guests here dress to impress. That means there are no sportswear, caps, tank tops, shorts or flip flops. On Saturday nights, La Rumba presents some of the best salsa orchestras in Denver. No salsa or bachata experience? Without worries. There are lessons for beginners most nights, as well as more advanced instructions for dancers who already have some sensual movements. If you need to park, it’s free on 9th and Broadway. Because: if Latin dance is your idea of great nightlife, La Rumba is your place.

9. WILLIAMS & GRAHAM: Williams & Graham, with its clandestine luxury atmosphere and dark interior, is a paradise for lovers of sophisticated cocktails and for those who appreciate whiskeys, cognacs, spirits, and spirits. Whether you prefer an old-fashioned classic or contemporary creative cocktail, Williams & Graham is your place in the Highlands neighborhood. The drinks menu is impressive, with dozens of cocktail, brandy, and brandy options, American whiskey, single-blinded Scotch and single malt whiskey and European and New World gins and vodkas, including variations of small batches made in Colorado. The list continues. The compact food menu leans toward high comfort food with seasonal offerings added to W&G staple foods, including roasted bone marrow with toasted ciabatta and bacon jam and the Williams and Graham burger. Groups of more than six can only stay in the standing area. Because Williams & Graham is among Denver’s most sophisticated cocktail establishments and the ideal place for lovers of fine spirits, cocktails, and spirits in a refined atmosphere.

10. RUN THROUGH ROSES: Run For The Roses (RFTR), an elegant cocktail lounge that projects cozy intimacy and a light and elegant aesthetic. The RFTR libation menu is a deck of cards, each letter with a cocktail and its ingredients, from classic to contemporary. The aspiring mixologists can buy a deck for $ 11 and then try to create them all at home. Our advice: the White Lady is something you should try. Down for a beverage adventure? Shuffle the deck and order whatever comes to the top. There is no wrong choice. If alcohol leaves you hungry in the early hours of the morning, order Sammy’s satiating breakfast with spam as you’ve never served it before, until the last call at 1:45 a.m. Other small bites include shrimp cocktail and stuffed eggs. Because even in a city without a lack of elegant joints that serve stellar cocktails with a matching atmosphere, Run For The Roses stands out.