The best night clubs and Nightlife in Berlin

Berlin is famous for its incredible nightlife: countless bars, pubs, and events, combined with one of the best club scenes in the world. When travelers arrive at our wombats in Berlin, one of the first things they want to know is where they should leave! Berlin’s nightlife is amazing, brutal, fun, surprising, lasting, and strange, Berlin is probably the best nightclub city in Europe. Clubber culture has become a way of life and music is a religion. You will wonder why the nightlife is so intense in this city. The transformation of Berlin into the world capital of techno is closely related to the German reunification and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

As for us, we believe that there is too much talk about the famous clubs mentioned in all travel guides and magazines. In fact, there are so many excellent places to go out that you can have a lot of fun everywhere in this city. When the wall fell, so did all the previous behavior patterns. People were taking advantage of their recently acquired freedom, which is why the club scene developed in such a unique way and in such a short period of time. Inside the abandoned factories and commercial buildings that had to be torn down, clubs began to proliferate at full speed. Seeking to express themselves, the Berliners found within these clubs a new identity. As there are so many options in the city, we will give you an internal guide on the 10 best clubs to make sure you don’t miss out on this hedonistic Disneyland for adults.

The Top 10 clubs Nightlife in Berlin!

Nightlife in Berlin

1. Watergate:  Watergate is an access point for those who wish to enjoy a great night with the best DJ talents in the world. Names like Eric Morillo, Chicken Lips and Adam Freeland are common guests who play house, drum and bass, and break-beat. There you will get one of the most beautiful views of the Spree through its floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The place itself is not so big … the exaggeration is that it is elegant. It is also a good club for flirting since most boys pay more attention to girls than DJ. From the outside, it seems nothing special, but once inside it will leave you speechless.

The best nightclub times: Saturday night.

Door policy: as in all conventional clubs, they are interested in keeping the same number of men and women within the place. So avoid going with a large group of boys or girls. It would be better to go there with a group with the same number of both. Do not forget your identification, because they will definitely request it. You also have to be over 21 years old to enter.

2. Tresor: Tresor is the largest and most respected techno club in Berlin. Its history began basically along with the creation of the city’s nightclub scene, just after Germany was unified. They started as a record label called Interfish in Ufo, the original house and techno center of Berlin. After its closure, Tresor’s team thought it would be a good idea to establish their own club. Their moment was perfect and they quickly became a popular place, rebuilding and expanding the place several times over the years. In October 1991, Tresor Records was founded with artists such as House of Fix, Jed Mills, and Robert Hood. Many great DJs in Berlin began their career at the Tresor record label.

The best nightclub schedules: Friday and Saturday nights.

Gate policy: basically, the same rules of the other clubs, such as Berghain and KaterHolzig

3. Berghain & Panorama Bar: The techno church. Berghain is the best-known club in Berlin, and also one of the most famous clubs in the world. It is the Techno church with the best sound system you can get. So get ready to dance for hours and listen to high-quality music. Inside this abandoned power station you will find two different clubs: Berghain and Panorama Bar, which are separated by a set of stairs. If you are the type of person who appreciates good techno music, you will feel that you are in paradise once you enter Berghain. Their line-up is always impeccable and you will probably listen to the best DJs playing their best songs out loud, every weekend, from Friday to Monday morning. Inside the Panorama Bar, you will find a more cheerful atmosphere, where they usually play all the variations of house music. It is the perfect place to have a drink, calm down, and then return to Berghain. Berghain became a meeting point for Berlin clubbers and is already part of the culture of the city, which is one of the main reasons why the door policy is so tough.

The best nightclub schedules: Sunday morning and Sunday night.

Door policy: goalkeepers are strict; The chances of not entering are considerable. Here are some tips for you: don’t go in large groups, don’t wear your best clothes, don’t laugh out loud or have too much fun in the queue, they just don’t like that. Be as discreet as possible and make sure you know what you are getting into.

4. Sisyphus: Sisyphus is a place like no other. It’s a festival, it’s a club, it’s a beach, it’s a bar, it’s Alice’s wonderland. Here you will find various ways to have fun. With a large rest area, an abandoned bus, a small lake surrounded by sand, a pizzeria, and a maze of dance floors, you can get lost for hours or even days inside this abandoned dog food factory. Sisyphos is a magical town, where every two weeks they organize memorable parties. You will feel as if you are in a world of joy, happiness, and freedom and it will probably sadden you a little when it is time to leave. It is the perfect escape for those looking for an original party experience and for those who want to know an unknown part of the city. In addition, its staff is probably composed of the friendliest people who work in clubs that you will find in Berlin.

Best nightclub times: all weekend.

Door policy: the goalkeepers here are not as bad as in other clubs, but be patient: you will stand in line for quite some time.

5. Salon Zur Wilden Renate: You will fall in love with this club. Its name already describes the type of atmosphere you will find: WILD. In addition to a large outdoor area, a kitsch decoration, and many dance floors, its main attraction is a huge and real maze. Then, if you get lost, you will be doomed to live in a club for the rest of your life. Not bad, huh? Their parties are original and also very diverse. Depending on the night, you will listen to the most different and strange types of music and meet people you have never expected before. It is not one of the most famous clubs in the city, but it definitely has its charm. During the summer, you can also attend their outdoor parties, which are also fun. The atmosphere change is visible and you will have the opportunity to return to your childhood “swimming” inside small plastic pools with your friends. Drinking is relatively cheap since you can exchange your empty bottles and glasses for money to buy more drinks and enjoy your psychedelic atmosphere.

The best nightclub schedules: Friday and Saturday nights.

Door policy: compared to the clubs mentioned above, it is quite easy to enter Wilde Renate. Just be sure to follow the basic rules of the door policy: don’t waste yourself before you get there, don’t go in large groups, and, when possible, answer your questions in German.

6. KitKat: The anthropological journey is the best expression to describe what you will experience in KitKat. Before we start wondering what kind of problems you are getting into, let’s make it clear that this is a sex club. Do not be afraid, it is not as hard as it seems. The bathroom cleaner might ask you if he can observe you while you are pissing and you will probably see some guys on all fours with someone guiding them with a chain around his cock, but don’t feel uncomfortable. Explore the place and you will find many dance floors, a living room, a massage room, and also a swimming pool. Feel the music and let your mind be your true self. If it’s your first time there, go with a group of friends looking for unusual, open-minded, and most importantly fun things: they’re ready to see memorable scenes. After a night of unexpected adventures, you will notice how the club offers an unusual hedonistic decline in a city known for its forbidden passions and will never forget the fun you had in one of the strangest clubs you will visit.

The best nightclub schedules: Friday and Saturday nights.

Door policy: wear your best underwear and get ready to leave your clothes in the locker room. Unlike other clubs, large groups and foreigners are not a problem, but they will not let you in if you are not prepared to show your body and enter the club’s sexual atmosphere.

7. Chalet: Located in Kreuzberg, the most modern district of Berlin, Chalet offers excellent training, talented DJs playing on two different floors, and a lovely garden: the perfect place to relax, when it’s not very cold outside. Also, the good thing about this club is that they are open 7 days a week. The best word to describe Chalet is style. It is impossible not to notice the incredible decoration: vintage lamps and armchairs, bonfires in the backyard, wallpapers with old patterns, and many small rooms that you will explore during the night. Its audience is more a popular / tourist crowd, so go with a good group of friends and you will probably end up having a great night.

The best nightclub schedules: Monday (Secret Line Up) and Thursday.

Door policy: they are not very strict, although a bit hostile. The same rules of the other clubs also play in this case. Don’t get drunk, speak a little German, and know which party you will go to.

8. Cookies:  Cookies offers the best of the underground house and the disco in its central hall, in addition to a more varied playlist, from indie until hip-hop, in its second smallest room. A more glamorous and elegant experience than their counterparts, however, this is an organic company of family and friends: DJs include local spinners and fundable imports from clubs like the old Paradise Garage in New York. Mature partiers reserve a table in the restaurant above, although leaving the dance floor before 6 in the morning is not right. Make no mistake, cookies are about having a lot of fun.

9. Club Visionaere Der: Club Der Visionaere, a collection of cabins by the canal near the Spree in Kreuzberg, is the destination for those who never want the party to end. True to the Berlin insistence of relaxation, it is a discreet and marginal place where clubbers hang out in the mornings or afternoons of the weekend after the party. The default minimal techno soundtrack was printed here when Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos kept their residences (they no longer do so), and although the hipster crowd can get excited on Saturday nights, CdV makes more sense in those wasted and sunny hours when The work seems far away.

10. Asphalt: He claims to offer advanced urban clubs, which may mean that Berlin’s continued shift from renovated and elegant places to more elegant New York-style joints is underway. The truth is that Asphalt is an elegant country house in the basement of one of Mitte’s business hotels, with an attractive restaurant attached. Its sensation is distinctively American, while the music turns to a good disco and uptempo house instead of minimal techno. Local hero Hugo Capablanca [sic] plays regularly, like other King Size residents, the trendy bar not far away in Friedrichstrasse. Less scary than Berghain, more central than Watergate, Asphalt is claiming.