The best night clubs and Nightlife in Atlanta

The nightlife in Atlanta is full of options for those seeking clubs, entertainment, dancing, socialization, and fun. From the dazzling nightclub full of singles to the discreet meeting place of singers and singers with flourishing musicians, the city serves a diverse crowd after hours. For those who prefer to get glamorous for a cocktail night and dance with the best DJs in the city, enter Midtown dance clubs such as Opera and Vanquish or Tongue & Groove and East Andrews in Buckhead, all full of singles looking to hit the dance floor and exchange digits. The more relaxed lounge-style scene prevails in places like the famous Laughing Skull Lounge where you can watch comedy acts of local and national renown. Eddie’s Attic in Decatur is another discreet place to meet with a group and watch a show with an order of beers or vine etc.

The 10 best clubs in Atlanta

Nightlife in Atlanta, Night Clubs in Atlanta

Most of the best clubs in Atlanta have been open for centuries, defining the city’s nightlife through the centuries. The nightlife in the capital of Georgia is a real beast: from the popular hookah bars to the bars frequented mostly by locals, the city is varied, but it is the best clubs in Atlanta that offer the clearest picture of what That really is life after dark in the city. It seems. However, one thing is certain: nightclubs here tend to come and go very fast. A popular destination today. It could be closed permanently tomorrow, given the inclination of the people of Atlanta for the new about the tried and true, which gives much more weight to our list of the best clubs from the city. The places that we highlight are so important for local identity after dark that they have remained open through various epochs defined by different trends. These are simply the best nightclubs in Atlanta, ranked in order of greatness and judged by their consistency, ability to survive through the times, and their ability to deliver a great promised moment with their cover charge.


  1. Gold Room: Gold Room’s past is interesting: it was originally a strip club estimated in the 1990s that finally became a brilliant sanctuary for the golden night glory of Atlanta The spirit of the Gold Club is still alive inside, thanks to the golden posts that line the transparent fence of the window rail in the main central seating area, where the tables were the main focus. Now there are large plants, golden sectional sofas, and bright lighting that can only be described as tropical, all of which help you and everyone else to be as notorious as possible, whether you are a local or global celebrity.
  2. Halo Lounge: With a dance floor upstairs and a backlit onyx bar on the ground floor, plus plenty of fluorescent light everywhere, Halo definitely has an energy that elevates the spirit, as well as an out of sight location that It is slightly separated from the Midtown club district, which gives the place a distinct independent identity. Paintings of beloved superstars such as The Notorious B.I.G., Prince, and others pay tribute to the angels who watch over the high-style crowd while DJs pump house music, hip-hop, soul uptempo, and reggae through the speakers. Don’t be afraid to get here a little later at night, but be sure to come in style as the dress code is strictly enforced.
  3. Opera: If there is a club that will be in the movie The Fast and the Furious, it is probably Opera. Located just behind Peachtree Street in the city center, Opera was once a true opera house and presents a newly renovated aspect of its history to retain an opulent atmosphere, whether it is on the large dance floor moving to A variety of sounds or look down from the balcony. Together with some of the best DJs in the world, he is one of the few nightclubs in Atlanta that can boast having hosted the late great Prince.
  4. Havana Club: Getting around Havana Club is like moving through an international sound landscape. From the entrance of the main hall where house music is standard to the Latin hall and back to Havanahaus inspired by the “EDM festival,” you have 15,000 square feet of partying in the decline of Buckhead. It’s not a cheap date: tables and bottle service are never, but you can notice a surcharge of $ 100 or more here. But if you want a scene where the paparazzi see you and break you, this is the place, so dress in the best way or at least present as much confidence as possible.
  5. The Basement: The basement level of Graveyard Tavern is where the bass sounds during thematic dance parties (disco, all Beyonce, etc.) that take the sweat of everyone who can fit inside. It is also a great place for intimate performances, which goes particularly well with the hip-hop and indie set: they have presented satellite shows for the annual All Three Coasts (A3C) festival that has included live shows from Scarface, Project Pat, and Other themes of southern rap legends.
  6. MJQ Concourse: Both gen-X-ers and millennials can agree that underground MJQ is one of the best places in Atlanta to get lost in the music. That is why, like many of the timeless songs carefully selected by DJs such as Kemit and Karl Injex over the years, it has lasted more than 20 years, which is much more than some of the songs you will hear in other clubs this summer. While the surrounding neighborhood has certainly become more elegant (it is difficult to be a few steps from the Ponce City market and not see the changes), MJQ has not only retained its stains and its dirty and sweaty club appeal: it has celebrated with few changes. Without a doubt, this is the most beloved club in the city and remains the best option for literal underground hip-hop.
  7. M Bar: M Bar makes great use of less space to create an atmosphere of exclusivity or, at the very least, of discernment among the set of nightly entertainment. Here is a balance of superior informal classism, where you don’t necessarily need the savings of a millionaire to present yourself as a company, music, environment, and quality attitude. It is a place where you can sit on the luxurious silver velvet bench that covers half the interior and smoke hookah with friends or hang out on the other side of the room and enjoy love songs worthy of dancing while you lie next to the bar. It is a place where excellence is the norm and nobody inside feels excluded.
  8. Suite Food Lounge: Although the name suggests a restaurant, there is much more to Suite, known until 2013 as Luckie Lounge, than the menu. The huge multi-story building has thousands of square feet on the main floor for a general mix, but it is the VIP section of metallic gold and the interior / exterior SkyDeck, which extends through retractable garage windows to a platform outdoors with a dazzling view of the center. , which gives you that improved feeling. Go up the stairs and claim one of the white leather sofas or challenge a friend to a striking pool game on the bright blue pool tables. You will always find a crowd here: the privileged location in the convention area near the Centennial Park means that it is always packed with visitors inside and outside on weekends, but even during the week there are unique events such as crab legs and happy hour of karaoke to occupy your time
  9. Revel: The geometric shapes of the golden chandeliers, the famous recurring presenters like Big Tigger, Jermaine Dupri, and others, in addition to the regular appearances of the best hip-hop and pop music recording artists (Teyana Taylor, 50 Cent, YG), and The deep location of West Midtown. They have given this complex of unusual parties a great reputation. That is particularly impressive when you remember that Revel is only six months old and is closer to the industrial streets of Marietta Boulevard than the lights of the city of Peachtree Street.
  10. Blind Willie´s: What it is: In the heart of Virginia Highland’s hipster wonderland is Blind Willie’s, one of the best places to listen to live blues in the city. Why go: it’s about music, man. Dark and fun, it is a paradise for blues fans. If you meet Mrs. Sandra Hall and her band trying to burn the house on a Saturday night, you won’t regret it.