1OAK DXB Dubai

     Mixed/House / Hip Hop / R&B         

    +18 Local & International

    Elegent & Smart & Casual



The 1OAK nightclub in Dubai is a truly luxurious clubbing experience. If you have already visited the club in its USA venues 1OAK New York, 1OAK Los Angeles, or 1OAK Las Vegas, you already have an idea of the sort of quality to expect. But 1OAK Dubai is an entirely different experience, combining the uniqueness of the 1OAK phenomenon with its own original Dubai twist, creating a truly extravagant, quirky venue for an amazing night out.

The lighting is what truly brings this trippy utopia to life. The 1OAK in Dubai counts with one of the most advanced lighting designs of any club, combining neon tubes, LEDs, state of the art spotlights, and patterned light displays to add colour to the monochrome walls and floors, creating even more movement and adding bold splashes of red to the rooms.

Although 1OAK club Dubai is a recent addition to the 1OAK franchise, there is no doubt that it will attract celebrities from all around the world, just like its US venues do. At more established 1OAK locations we have seen the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and a whole host of film stars, directors, and talent scouts. At such a sophisticated venue as this, in such a vibrant city as Dubai, no doubt you will run into a number of celebrities there, and possibly the odd A-Lister, if you time your night right.

Naturally, such an exclusive Dubai nightclub is going to be pretty hard to get into. If you want a table at 1OAK Dubai, a reservation is a must. Try and get on the 1OAK guest list, or otherwise make sure to reserve a table and bottle service. And remember, this is a high class establishment, so even if you are on the guest list and have reserved bottle service, remember you will be turned away at the door if you are not dressed properly. Men, dress sharply with button down shirts, smart trousers, and polished formal shoes. Women need to be dressed elegantly in cocktail or evening dresses, not too short, and heels. Absolutely no torn clothes, casual clothes, or sportswear. Absolutely no bad attitudes towards the staff or other patrons.

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